Time For Actress Cossy Ojiakor To Cover Up Her Boobs Forever

Cossy Ojiakor
In the late 90s, the musical career of a former bus conductor, Abass Akande Obesere flourished like a tree planted by the riverside.

He promoted vulgarity, semi-nudity and promiscuity with his Fuji music. His quest to satisfy his millions of fans mostly in the Southwestern part of Nigeria prompted him to team up with Cossy Ojiakor to produce the visuals of his song - ‘Apple Juice’. 

Nigerians were stunned to see the Anambra State native in a scantily-clad outfit flaunting her humongous mammary glands while she wore the smiles of a notorious porn star on her face. Most media houses distanced themselves from the Apple Juice video clip for obvious reasons. 

Cossy looked like a misguided orphan who was missing proper parentage and upbringing. Cossy's boobs constituted a rare phenomenon those days compared to now that cosmetic surgeries are now widespread. Many suggested the boobs were grown with fertilizers while some men even joked about a vulcanizer helping her inflate them at regular. Her courage and boldness in parading them before the camera became a hot topic of discussion across the country. 

Obesere got the attention he craved for and subsequently made money from the music while Cossy registered her face in the minds of men who kept investigating the enigmatic size of her breasts.

In no time, the video vixen with a perpetual kittenish voice ventured into Nollywood and her audacious breast display was taken to the next level. Cossy was a huge distraction from a movie's storyline. The eyes of the viewers ended up being lost in between her boobs. No Nigerian director bothered to cast Cossy for decent roles. She was either a prostitute, home-breaker or a seductress and she did good jobs interpreting those roles. Cossy's boobs came in handy in attracting the attention of movie lovers as they colourfully appeared on posters. She also killed video advertisements. Minds were polluted, controlled, innocence abused and bodies unsettled at the sight of Cossy. The breasts were like the game-changer for her. In the course of Cossy's foray in the film industry, only a handful of people have ever admired her acting skills or talents, it has always been about her elephantine watermelons which are also the cynosure of all eyes at social gatherings. 

The head-turner soon bit more than she could chew when she purportedly slept with a dog in a 2002 Chico Ejiro film titled 'Itohan'. Many believed the awkward bestiality scene was real and she actually did it for $10,000 instead of an actual meager fee of N30,000. According to her account, her family's name was soiled with the scandalous stories that emanated from the film.

Her fame also came with considerable wealth, clearly not from the film industry. She got herself the cars and a mansion in the highbrow Lekki area in Lagos State in 2012. The house was named the 'Playgirl Mansion'. She was also reported to have acquired 12-plots of land in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The busty actress pushed her luck too far by venturing into music probably thinking her mammary glands could pave a way as usual. She launched her first 15-track album on December 15, 2012, but recorded no positive impact. She ran away from music for about 6 years before announcing a comeback that never happened.

It’s been 17 years now and Cossy is still maintaining her old marketing strategy which has become obsolete and ineffective. The Almighty Cossy is now like the legendary Gianluigi Buffon at PSG, Peter Cech at Arsenal or the latter days of Paolo Maldini at AC Milan. She seems to have forgotten to switch her style or bow out of the stage when the ovation was loud.

Her Wikipedia page says she is 34 and nobody is buying that. The human age is treated like an ATM passcode in this part of the world. 'Teenage' actress Regina Daniels has remained between 16 and 18 for the past 4 years now and nobody is raising any alarm. The age equation of Cossy might be balanced if we add about a decade to the age on ground to make it 44. Yes, 44 seems okay. 

Cossy just like most of her colleagues has been linked with several men in the past. In September, 2013, a man named Emeka who she was purportedly seeing then proposed marriage to her but the nuptial knot was never found not to talk of being tied. And also, in October, 2015, romantic pictures of her licking the face of a white man in Paris, France surfaced. On the 6th of January, 2016, Cossy announced she was getting married, but it happened that she was getting married to herself.

As a suitor never came, Cossy soon continued with her naughty lifestyle of posting sultry photos/videos, engaging in raunchy talks, touring clubhouses in scandalous outfits, dancing crazily and drinking to stupor.

In the year 2017, Cossy was in the news again in the light of the alleged romance between Stephanie Otobo, a Nigerian singer based in Canada and the founder of Omega Fire Ministries - Apostle Johnson Suleman. Two other actresses with unfounded wealth and suspicious lifestyles - Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke were linked with the fiery minister. Cossy in an indirect manner threatened to open the Pandora’s Box. She hinted that she was a love-vendor and arranged ladies for a man whose description fit the 'man of God'. She promised to publish a book on her slut stories. This just the promises of most politicians never materialized!

“It’s almost Easter… And if this lady (Kemi Omololu Olunloyo) remain in prison this Easter I will boldly post my statement of account…. Where your name showed… Thanks for the tithe money u sent to me… Besides your not the first man of god to give me such offerings.. .. I don’t run an NGo…like the rest of your girls…am a big sinner.. So you obviously were not paying for my repentance…..HELP?" she partly posted on her Instagram page.

In 2018, decent photos of Cossy finally emerged. She was almost totally covered in white native attire. It wasn't that she became Born Again, her father died and she was in a mourning mood. The awkward thing that picture gave was an idea of the real age of Cossy, she wasn't just a girl anymore; she had grown into a woman. After the burial, Cossy returned to her old ways. She announced she was going for a butt surgery. Cossy's butt in the real sense might not be different from that of a slim man like singer 9ice.

In September 2018, Cossy did the unthinkable to probably compensate her male fans. She announced on Instagram she was horny and needed a quickie.

"Am so bleeping Hot tonight....am at Slay lekki 1,....where are u....Hope ur not lousy just chop and clean mouth. if u talk! ama do all ya friends. Hmmmm #mood #tonight" he posted online.

Her followers were asked to apply on the condition that they will 'chop and clean mouth' meaning that they will not kiss and tell. The comment section of the post was more competitive than the recent Big Brother Naija auditions. Even some married men submitted their applications at the risk of their marriages.

Inasmuch as much a lot of people covertly love Cossy out of lust and greed, it has become crystal-clear that she is getting too old for her kind of lifestyle and 'industry'. Cossy needs to retire, cover up her boobs, take a bow and turn a new leaf. She needs to also take her colleague and close pal, Anita Joseph with her while using the exit door. They have become too old for the system. No act of breast display by Cossy moves the social media space anymore. The only thing left to amaze people will be her sex tape. Cossy's market has an age limit; younger ladies like Symply Tacha, Gifty Big Brother Naija, Jane Mena, Peace Olayemi, Phat Chyna, Sussylicious and other ‘wicked’ slay queens have already taken her spot.

The next question is what Cossy will retire to. Loneliness is scary for celebrities who are used to having several fake and real people smiling around them. The heavy-chested Instagram star, Roman goddess once took a hiatus when she married a white man. In less than three months, she was back in the market trading with her wares restocked. 

If aunty Cossy doesn't leave the market willingly, age and 'consumer apathy' might forcefully take her out in the coming years.
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