Diary of a Lagos Bachelor: Flaming Friday Night S*x in Ibadan

I slept with Yetunde for over a year since I moved to Lagos from Ibadan in 2015 till a part of me got tired of the s*x. I was tired of eating the usual ‘rice and beans’ everyday and my body wanted to have a taste of my favourite soup - pounded yam and Egusi soup lol. 
I started avoiding her and she was mounting pressure on me which I resisted well; although it wasn't easy because my amiable ‘John Thomas’ was ready to make do with what was on ground. I thought about Bimpe who I was seriously into at that particular time. She had just relocated from Ondo State to Ibadan due to a career change.
We were having issues which affected our relationship adversely. Seeing Bimpe was attractive as she had just gotten an apartment in the ancient city and she was staying alone. I called Bimpe and told her about my plans of coming to see her and she coldly accepted as we hadn't been together for long. We tentatively agreed on a Friday due to my busy work schedule. I was supposed to travel to Ibadan immediately after work at 6pm and head to Bimpe's house located around the University of Ibadan. It was going to be stressful but the night of bliss was estimated to cover up for the troubles. At one point, it was as if the trip was going to be cancelled as Bimpe wasn't anticipating my coming. We had only had s*x once the last Christmas (2016) and I wasn't that impressive as it took place in my family house and there was no adequate privacy.
About 48 hours to my trip, Bimpe suddenly changed. She called me and said "Baby whats up?” I was impressed and I decided to flow along with the moment. She kept reiterating that she needed love. "Honey, I really need love, I mean real love. Pls give me love" she said. I was thrown off balance as the bedroom voice teased my head. I used that opportunity to explain to her how bad I wanted us to mend our differences and become a formidable couple again.
On that Friday, I packed a few of my things, got enough money from the bank and headed to work. The plan was to travel to Ibadan straight from the office. Bimpe kept calling to ascertain if I was coming and I gave her my word. I told her I was coming to rest for the weekend and she was like "which rest are you talking about? Don't tell me that oh" I got the picture instantly. Bimpe wanted me to work 'under' her assiduously. The idea was good and inviting. I was confident that my hunger will not only match her own but also quench it. We got talking about s*x and I told her to have a clean shave of her v*gina for me for a possible mouth action which she was excited about.
I must admit that Bimpe is very beautiful, tall, slim with her average-sized natural endowments in the right places, soft lips and clean skin. Her smile was everything and she had a sensational way of clipping one's waist with her legs. From 4pm that fateful Friday, my eyes were already on the clock in eagerness to leave. Bimpe sent her house address to me and I made sure the details were secure. As soon as it was 6pm, I stood up to sign out of the office and headed to the Mile 2 car park in Lagos State to hop on the next bus to Ibadan. Bimpe kept calling me to confirm my movements. At around 7pm, the bus later moved but the traffic was terrible. Several Ibadan residents and other people in the South-western part of Nigeria work in Lagos, so on a Friday, they always leave to rejoin their family members or attend some events outside the financial hub of the country. The trip was tiring and the driver had to start cutting corners to make progress with the journey. The ventilation in the vehicle was poor; thick dust and the stench from rotten materials littering the roads dominated the atmosphere. At some point, the vehicles came to a complete standstill. I never told my parents about the movement due to the seeming illegality. I only informed a few trusted friends and my sister.
Deep inside of me, I knew my parents or some close friends would have been disappointed to see me in Ibadan, my home-city without informing them but it was worth the risk. Bimpe was so disturbed as a result of the lateness of the trip, so she kept calling to inquire about my safety. I was still on the road to Ibadan around 11pm. The trip was supposed to take an hour or less but the traffic was frustrating. At one point, I thought she was going to sleep off but she never did. 
In summary, I got to Ibadan at almost 12am. Everywhere was quiet and I nursed some fears in my heart despite the level of safety associated with the place. I later took a bike to Bimpe’s house. Finally getting there was dramatic as the commercial motorcycle rider that conveyed me to her house was drunk and confused. As we searched for the house together, I got a call from Bimpe.
“I have seen you. Tell the bike-man to make a U-turn. I am right behind you” she said happily. It was 12am already. I was so excited. I spotted her stature as I looked back and I knew she was the one. She hugged me warmly and took my bag from me as she ushered me into her house. 

We hadn’t seen for months. Bimpe appeared dissatisfied with the quickie we had in my family house on Christmas day but she hid her feelings expertly to avoid hurting me. It was another chance for me to prove that I am up to the task. The house wasn’t that bad as I feared. It was a one-bedroom apartment. Her aged landlord lived in the building too. The room was quite decent and well arranged but her bed was small. I felt something bigger would have been suitable for the weekend’s royal rumble. I lost appetite for food when I was with her. I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep. I couldn’t even talk much. I told her I wanted to take my bath and she led me to the bathroom where I washed myself briefly and returned to sleep. I noticed something popping up between my legs; it was my John Thomas agitating for its rights like the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB.
Bimpe was lying beside me on the bed wearing a very skimpy cloth that exposed her fresh thighs. She was worried about my decision not to eat as she had already prepared Egusi soup with Chicken. She was fiddling with her Smartphone when I hopped on top of her and went for her lips. She responded swiftly like the London police on getting a distress call. My warm hands travelled around her boobs, tummy, thighs and her face. Bimpe is blessed with a lovely skin. Her body was so warm and she gave me a familiar sensual response as if she was being baptized by fire. We started kissing passionately as she held me tightly to feel my body warmth and boost the sensation. I later took down her panties and reached for my bag to fetch the avalanche of condoms that were available.
She stared at me as I did. “Do I use a condom” I asked. “No! No!!” She responded. “I want it raw. Don’t worry, I will not get pregnant for you” I just responded with a smile. My first s*x with Bimpe happened on an emergency note without protection. I am not that reckless but I had this unfounded trust for her. Bimpe was to a large extent very faithful. The only issue I had with her was her zeal to pursue her dreams. 
In no time, I was inside of her. The v*gina was smoothly shaved and clean. I loved the feeling as I thrust deep. It was so warm inside. I felt my John Thomas creating a path through a way covered by raw flesh constantly dripping with sweet liquid. My spirit, soul and body were lost inside of her as stimulus passed from my manhood to my brains through my spinal cord as my waist moved to and fro like an office assistant. At some point, it was as if her tight v*gina was going to pull of my manhood’s cap; the feeling was electric. Bimpe’s v*gina was dripping like a fountain as her eyes dilated as if she was being tortured to death. The excitement was really high and in a few minutes I exploded inside of her heavily. I cleaned up myself as I gave her an appreciative peck. She was exhausting so much sheets of toilet roll in cleaning herself. I was forced to ask what the matter was.
She responded “Is it not you? You exploded heavily” we both laughed. I told her I had abstained from s*x for a very long time which was true. That one was okay for me for the night. 10 hours at work and another 6 hours trip had exhausted me. It was time to sleep and recoup some energy. 
I woke up around 6am and Bimpe was still sleeping. I kept myself busy with my phone. She was up around 8am. She slept without her panties in a see-through gown that left a large part of her bust on display. She served me the Egusi soup and garri with large pieces of Chicken after I had brushed my teeth. The food looked extravagant though. It was delicious and enjoyable. After the meal, I tapped her for s*x. She laughed and said “After food? Why don’t you rest a bit?”
The sight of her clean v*gina was irresistible. I was forced to insist and she complied. She cleared the dirty plates and returned for fun. The door was locked and she jumped on top of me. Her kissing skills were outta this world. She removed my boxer shorts briefly and did the insertion. This gave me a chance to suck her boobs and caress her fresh bum. It also enabled me to see her eyes directly. There was fire in her eyes. Bimpe’s bed skills got me thinking she could have been a p*rnstar in her past life. She regulated the tempo of the jerking. At times it could be fast and sudden it could go slow. At one point, I am fully immersed inside of her and the next minute, only the cap is in there and then she brings it down slowly. It was as it my head was going to blow off. Later, she exhibited what looked like a twerk dance. I felt the walls of her v*gina gripping the body of my lengthy manhood. I later took over and went on top. Bimpe was good at it. Her body movements were Messi-like. She dazzled like Barcelona’s midfielder, Andreas Iniesta. She swung her waist from one angle to the other in ecstasy as she moaned sonorously.
After so much pleasurable labour on top of her, she whispered to me to take her from behind. It was crazy. The feeling was unbelievable. I was exhausted but I couldn’t stop. I was ready to die in the act. The doggy position enabled me to see the true beauty of Bimpe. Her skin was like glass and the necessary curves were on point. She covered her mouth as the doggy session lasted till I exploded inside of her. We both fell on the bed and laughed at each other. I was sweating profusely. 
“You are the sweetest babe, I have had it this good in a very long time” I said. She responded asking; “Hmmmmm! Are you sure? You that your something is so long. You are penetrating so deep” I smiled as I heard that. It wasn’t my first time of hearing it. “Don’t you like it” I asked.
“I really love it baby” she said. We later went out for shopping after which we had an extra round to cool off the stress.
Bimpe later showed me how jealous she could be as she accused me of not paying much attention to her simply because I was attending to a Facebook friend who was discussing business with me as well as my sister who wanted to ascertain my wellbeing. I just noticed she stopped talking to me as we both watched a South Korean film titled ‘Moorim School’. I felt she needed some space and I decided to let her be. To my surprise, the malice extended till midnight even though she served me rice. She later slept off beside me while I continued with the movie. I decided to play the game with her but I later had a change of mind and decided to be act like a real man that will make her special. Deep inside of myself, I thought it was a serious issue. I never knew her malice was borne out of unnecessary jealousy. Ladies can be quite funny. 

I woke her up and asked what the bone of contention was. I was shocked to hear that my phone was the issue. I apologized to her and as we trashed out the issue, I placed her hand on my erect manhood. She massaged it as we discussed and I felt a rage around my waist. I was already thinking of a posture for penetration when she crossed one of her legs over me and made me tilt a bit towards her to slide in. It was an irregular position but it was sweet. It made the v*gina so tight and arousing. In no time, I was talking gibberish like I was under a spell. She later turned her back lying down as she faced the wall while she told me to come from behind. I was apparently on fire as I rammed into her like a drunk driver.
We ended it with me on the top. My c*m was massive that the bed-sheet was soiled with my sp*rm. It was embarrassing. She had to rush to the kitchen to take a mixture of salt and water to serve as makeshift contraceptives. I saw the satisfaction in her eyes. She seemed exhausted just as I was. She laid beside me and we started discussing. I felt like getting married to her immediately. I didn’t feel like returning to Lagos the next day which was a Sunday. She promised not to get pregnant for me. A part of me wanted the baby but she wasn’t ready to be a baby mama. 
We both slept off in the middle of the discussion. I was thinking about leaving Ibadan for Lagos later in the afternoon until her mother called that she was in town to see her new place. I was suddenly heartbroken just like her. She never wanted her mother to see me so I had to dress up and leave. She later reminded me that I was yet to give a head as promised. Sadly, that was almost impossible as we never wanted to be caught. When I was done and leaving for Lagos, she held me back and we started kissing. She rested on my leg and later slept on top of me on bed. In no time, she was fast asleep. I allowed her enjoy her sleep till her mother’s call came. She was already close-by and wanted the right directions.
She reluctantly saw me off and I flagged down a bike to take me to the car park. Bimpe’s name kept ringing in my head as the bus moved. I felt like going on holidays to be with her on an extended note. As I thought about her, I felt this light erection and laughed at myself. It was really worth the stress of travelling down from Lagos against all odds.
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