The Laughable Tale of Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye and the Stolen Innocent Dogs

Oge Okoye
One of the ills of social media is that it has made celebrities out of nonentities living a lie. Every seeming beautiful lady on social networks with the ‘stripper audacity' and orientation of life could amass thousands of perverts as fans for no just cause.
Some of these ladies who can't even boast of a modest rented apartment in a Lagos slum can afford to snap in upscale hotels in the privileged Island area of the state and flood social media platforms with colourful pictures to oppress others. These treats are facilitated mostly by some inelegant and pot-bellied Sugar Daddies or Yahoo Bois whose pictures are concealed like contraband goods at the borders. This has led to mass envy upon emptiness.
The Nigerian social media space has recorded several cases of public figures sponsoring dubious success stories and posing with ostentatious properties they dream to acquire just  to hoodwink their followers. Nowadays, everybody is desperate to prove that he/she is immune to the current economic recession that has turned the opulent and flamboyant sinners into 'Born Again Christians' in terms of spending.
Fakeness is deep rooted under our black skins and social media resurgence has fertilized the intentional propagation of lies.
Taking a stroll down memory lane, in 2013, a false report emerged that singer MayD had purchased a N150 million 6 bedroom duplex at the Magodo Phase 2 area of Lagos. The lanky entertainer allowed the story play to launder his image and help upgrade his status until he was exposed.
The music Taliban, Oritsefemi was also alleged to have lied about purchasing a N200 million house around the Admiralty way in Lekki, Lagos. 
Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo once claimed ownership of an exotic Porshe car after allegedly downloading the picture on the internet and sharing on her page as a testimony.
Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid rented a house in Lekki only to announce that he bought it. He was later served a quit notice by his landlord when he failed to renew his rent.
Foremost Nigerian blogger - Linda Ikeji, 36 out of desperation to cover the vacuum of her love life hurriedly shared photos of her fake Hermes Birkin bag that cost her N4.8 million just to attract the needless attention of netizens.  
Laura Ikeji, a self-acclaimed blogger and fashionista also toed the part of her elder sister by posting fake products on Instagram for sale until she was busted by eagle-eyed followers.
Mercy Aigbe Gentry recently flaunted a fake Gucci bag which was admired by her fans until she was mocked by one personal shopper based in London.
She was also embroiled in a shameful saga of wearing a free cloth and refusing to give due credit to the designer who sent it to her for promotional purpose.
Nollywood filmmaker and Chief Executive Officer of Ebony Films, Seun Egbegbe was once described as a millionaire. At some point, he shared photos of his latest convertible vehicle soon after breaking up with Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu (Now Toyin Abraham). We all thought everything was perfect till he was exposed to be a habitual criminal operating under the shining sun. 
Kemi Omololu Olunloyo also recently lied that her 'polished voice' is worth $6 million dollars at the Statefam Insurance, United States of America. According to her, if she loses her voice permanently, she would collect a sum of N3 billion.
 I will not also forget Tonto Dikeh who shared the pictures of a pink iPhone 7 shortly after its official release and also a brand new Lexus LX 570 three weeks later which she attributed to the benevolence of her husband only to make a U-turn on her claims in the face of a rift.
On a final note, the list of the 'Lai Mohammeds' of Nigeria will be incomplete without making reference to Toke Makinwa who abandoned her marriage that was overwhelmed by wild fire to help build the homes of others. Is it not mind-boggling that the On-Air-Personality built a YouTube channel of thousands of subscribers with her assumed and untested relationship advice?
Back to the subject matter of this piece, Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye in a bid to impress her over 848,000 followers on Instagram recently engaged in a contemptible act of ‘electronic robbery’. The single mother, 36 invaded the Instagram page of an American model and reality star, Kenya Moore to steal the picture of her cute puppies. Aunty Oge who is on an extensive sabbatical or 'Buharic' leave from the film industry didn't stop at the broad daylight theft, she also swiftly organised a naming ceremony for the innocent puppies thereby changing their identities from originally King and Twirl to Rob and Rosy.

The stolen picture instantly served the needed purpose as it earned over 3,992 likes in no time and elicited interesting comments from her fans who were fooled by her fantasies. Kenya Moore who found that kind of odious act in this modern world so strange raised an alarm considering the fact that it was coming from a verified Instagram account with massive followership indicating that she is a prominent person.
Idle Nigerians looking for an avenue to offload the scathing frustrations of the cash-crunch, inflation, high-rate of unemployment and other endemic human challenges stormed the Instragram page of Aunty Oge with long whips to reprimand her. Aunty Oge instantly adopted a damage control measure by deleting the image of the stolen dog from her page but it was too late. She became a pathetic victim of the Screenshot feature on Smartphones. The micro-blogs on Instagram had already blown the story beyond control. As the Yoruba people will say, "The wind had blown and the anus of the fowl was in full public glare"
Another celebrity with an expensive life on social media was exposed. Aunty Oge was tortured with ill comments from people she could be a mother to. It was a field day for all angry Nigerians with strong intentions to channel their energies into the wrong directions. Aunt Oge couldn't bear the consequences of her actions. It was more difficult to come out clean. Offering a deceitful explanation wasn't an option, she just had to disable comments on her page and act like social media doesn't exist. 
I can bet my life that even the best PR companies wouldn't have offered her a way out of the quagmire. The best option would have been to lie that her account was hacked and the person behind it published the picture of the puppies on her behalf. I am sure an insane person would never fall for that balderdash.
The efforts of the legendary attention-seekers on social media namely actor Uche Maduagwu and the controversial daughter of a former Oyo State governor, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo made the already bad case worse. The already sour and unpalatable drink was made poisonous for public consumption by these two people that made names from meddling in celebrated issues.
Kemi popularly known as Madam KOO myopically claimed Aunty Oge was being sarcastic with the act of e-robbery that must have changed the orientation of the American lady about Africans. Uche who has been rumoured to be suffering from an undisclosed degree of mental illness offered a spurious account of the 'Intellectual Property' theft by claiming he rang Aunty Oge and she actually wanted to buy the dogs but the unscrupulous seller sent her the stolen picture and she went ahead to announce the arrival of the dogs she was yet to see. Well, no wonder Tonto Dikeh warned Uche against writing about her tumultuous marriage before he would make her and Olakunle Oladunni Churchill irreconcilable with his top-notch stupidity.

Memes targeted at the errant Oge Okoye

Nobody born of a woman can save Aunty Oge from this disesteem as she has been caught red-handed. The only solution is for her to endure the verbal attacks and stay off social media till the issue dies a natural death. An indelible mark has been made on her beautiful acting career in addition to the 'Other Room' hustling associated with Nollywood actresses in general. This story will die but the internet never forgets. 
References will always be made to the unbecoming act by a supposed big girl who flies more than an Edo witch. This will serve as deterrent to other celebrity-wannabes and empty public figures painting false images of their despondent life on social media.

The gospel truth is that the lives of some of these so-called Nigerian celebrities might be similar to that of Nigeria as a country in terms of hopelessness. Most of these stars are Aba-made. Most of them don't really shine and several ones are living on past glory. Most of their followers don't even understand the concept of followership. There is no positive impartation on the lives of their fans so it’s a blatant case of blind followership.

The fans only serve the purpose of promoting the products of their idols when the time comes like new music alerts, movies, brand promotions, events etc. So at the end of the day, there is no substance or value and no loyalty. The same supporters will easily play the devil's advocate and also switch back like they are on a movie set.
It was on this note that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan failed gallantly after hiring some prominent Nigerian stars to help him propagate his 'Transformation Agenda' which was subdued by the slogan of 'Change' of the then opposition party - All Progressives Congress. These celebrities are the worst propagators of any meaningful and visionary message because they can't command the obedience of their followers. It’s a case of emptiness upon emptiness. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's star-studded meeting with some Nollywood personalities at the prestigious Eko Hotel during the 2015 presidential election campaign period would be added to the long list of regrets in his life as it was more ineffective that President Muhammadu Buhari's economic team.
Aunty Oge has learnt the hard way and Nigerians have started hiding the pictures of their unwanted and stray local dogs to help her overcome the temptation of electronic theft.

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