Rivers of Tears as Quincy B, the 'Michael Jackson of Liberia' Tragically Goes Home

If death had informed Liberians about its plan to visit the country to claim one of its talented acts, some people - both young and old would have volunteered their lives in place of this special one.

Quincy B
The sombre mood of bereavement in the nooks and crannies of Liberia may never be lightened up even if the Federal Government embarks on a money-sharing jamboree amongst all its citizens.

This might confirm the saying that "money can never buy happiness". Late recording artist, Quincy L. Burrowes commonly known as Quincy B, 23 who died in a fatal road accident on Friday night - the 3rd of March, 2017 gave massive succor to the people through music.  He offered the ears and minds a rare blend of value and treasure which financial strength couldn't beat or match up with.

In a country where 64 percent of the population live below the poverty line, of whom 1.3 million out of 4.294 million people live in extreme poverty with poorly developed social safety nets, 41% of people affected with food insecurity and high rate of chronic malnutrition according to the World Food Programme;  Quincy B provided a therapeutic feeling bigger than entertainment. His sonorous voice and deep lyrics healed people and rehabilitated others.

Quincy B was widely loved by both the young and old folks. His music was like an eraser to the hurting scars of the first and second civil wars in Liberia between 1989 - 1997 and 1999 - 2003 respectively.

TORI NEWS monitored the Liberian media space in coverage of Quincy B's funeral rites and the magnitude of national or even continental attention the event attracted could be likened to the death of the President of the African country.

With evergreen hit songs like 'Put Liberia First', 'We Don't Talk Anymore', 'My Dream' featuring Scientific, 'Tumba Tumba' and his latest single titled 'I Pledge', Quincy B make his breakthrough in the music industry since his emergence in 2013 and so much consistency has kept his enviable career afloat.

Reports revealed that Quincy was from a very humble home and he had just built a house for his parents before his shocking demise. Quincy's parents fled Liberia to Ghana during the civil war. The young lad schooled in Ghana up to the university level where he reportedly studied Music Education in preparation for his destiny and later returned with his family to Liberia in 2012 during which he ignited his musical career of rapid success.
Late Quincy B and his parents

Quincy B might have left Liberians untimely for the celestial world but going by the belief of 'life after death' he could be in a better place with the likes of talented acts across the world like Christopher George Latore Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G, 'Tupac' Amaru Shakur, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Michael Jackson, Da Grin and a host of others whose death reverberated across the world like the imagined sound of rapture trumpet.

Nigeria lost Da Grin, - Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun  one of the pioneers of indigenous rap music (Yoruba rap) on the 22nd of April, 2010. The young lad who was alleged to be 22 almost like Quincy B drove into a stationary truck under the influence of alcohol and later died in the hospital after slipping into coma.

This event remains a dark day in the history of entertainment in Nigeria. All other acts like Olamide, Lil Kesh and others who have made a fortune from Yoruba rap will forever pay homage to DaGrin who did the groundbreaking for them. Quincy also made his mark off the music studio by fighting for the rights of music artistes. He advocated that artistes should employ the services of lawyers when signing commercial endorsement deals with companies to avoid being cheated.
Corpse of Quincy B

Several social media platforms have been soiled with the tears and wailing of Liberians and other foreigners touched by the works of Quincy B.

"I have been crying for days since Quincy B died. He was the Liberian Michael Jackson. The entire country is in a state of mourning" one U.S-based Liberian woman, Grace Kossigbo told a TORI NEWS correspondent.

The Dallas woman sacrificed her entire day mourning as she followed the proceedings of Quincy B's burial arrangements via the internet. She revealed Quincy B had a baby-mama who recently put to bed.

"I have personally sent some baby items to his (Quincy B) Manager for his wife and kid. They are our responsibility now" she reiterated amid tears.
Quincy B's baby-mama

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism commiserated with the family of Quincy B as it regretted his inability to fully exploit his full potentials before his eternal exit.

Multinational company, MTN also issued an official statement concerning his death as he was their ambassador during his life-time.
The Minister Counselor at the Liberian Embassy, Paris - France; Isaac Yeah recounted meeting the young lad at a barber's shop in Monrovia as well as his concluded plans to feature him in the UNESCO Musical Gala Show for 2017 taking place in Paris.

Quincy B might have left Liberia and the world physically but his works will forever live with the people. His brilliant history will be told from one generation to the other just like the American pop legend, Michael Jackson who is still an inspiration to many even in his death.

History will forever remember Quincy B for uniting all tribes amid differences with his good and phenomenal music.
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