Nollywood of Prostitution: Deep Inside Busty Actress, Cossy Ojiakor's 'Ashawo Tales'

Cossy Ojiakor

This piece was inspired by the 'slutty series' titled 'Ungrateful Delilah' currently being shared by the heavy-chested Nigerian actress and singer, Cossy Ojiakor via her Instagram page.

When I was growing up, I so much admired Nollywood from the outside. I remember the days of evergreen Nigerian films like Ashes to Ashes where Francis Duru was the star actor, Domitila, Ijele, Glamour Girls, Rituals, Sunset in Africa, Living in Bondage, Laraba,  Issakaba, My love, Oracle, Vuga, Igodo, Saworo Ide, State of Emergency and other love related movies by Ramsey Noah. I may never stop if I continue to make a list of the films that rocked our screens in the 90s and early 2000s.
When Jim Iyke made his breakthrough with Emotional Crack, I joined his fan page willfully. I loved the eloquence of Sam Dede, thug style of Hanks Anuku, Chidi Mokeme, Jerry Amilo and others.

I wanted to join the film industry after my university education. I finally got a chance in 2011 after my National Youth Service Corp programme. I featured in a couple of TV soaps, stage plays and movies from 2012-2014. Travelling to Lagos from Ibadan regularly to attend auditions and shooting on set exposed me to the level of emptiness in the film industry. Some stars were not really stars as I pictured in my head for about two decades. The industry remains starved of developmental funds and the quality of films had dropped against a skyrocketing quantity of junks. 

Some producers couldn't afford one-square of a low quality food for actors on set. The remuneration especially for up and coming acts was unholy, ungodly, condemnable and atrocious. I remember being paid a sum of N2,000 for playing a lead role in one episode of a TV drama. As I sat at the corner of the set thinking about my life, I saw some star actors also collecting their quick payments clandestinely like it was a bribe. The story is very long but I will end it here so that I can address the insightful tales of the 'boobilious' Cossy Ojiakor.

In Lagos today, every jobless lady hides under the guise of some common jobs that seem inconsequential but they work perfectly well for some people. These ladies claim to be actors, make-up artistes, models, singers, fashion bloggers and event planners for the purpose of concealing their major and questionable source of livelihood.

The local film industry - Nollywood houses several fortune-seeking and fortune-hunting ladies with the mentality of using 'what they have to get what they want' and the society embraces them as the front-liners who made something out of nothing. All these individuals parade doctored success stories that leave their mentees stranded along the line.

An actress will feature in just 4 movies (within a year time-frame) that earned the producers monumental losses and she will land the latest Range Rover Sport or obtain the keys to her mansion in the highbrow area of Lagos as if life is that simple. These so-called blessings are promptly attributed to 'God'. Nobody questions her; she begins to grow her fan page by showcasing her life of luxury and fulfillment on social media.

When you see all these questionable testimonies that sideline their male counterparts in the industry languishing in poverty, you might be forced to ask yourself if there is another secret supreme being in heaven which they now refer to as 'God' apart from the one we all worship excluding the traditional worshipers.

Presumably after being inspired by the s*x scandal involving Apostle Johnson Suleman - General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide and a Canada-based Nigerian singer - Stephanie Otobo, Cossy Ojiakor decided to share her own related story without mentioning names to avoid any law suit bordering on defamation of character.

Cossy's currently inconclusive story goes a long way in depicting the moral decadence in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. In simple terms, its case of the "more you look, the less you see". So if you are envying somebody else's life on social media because of the house, clothes, cars, expensive holidays, high-profile events, magazine coverage and others without knowing the idol they worship at the dark corners of their houses, you might be having a rethink.
The bitter truth is that Cossy is a PIMP who has been linking some of her Nollywood colleagues with one so-called businessman she met in the year 2011. We don't know the full identity of the businessman yet but he might be the one in the middle of the major controversies but nobody is gambling that.
According to Igbo native, the wealthy man pays some of the ladies up to N400,000 for s*x and from all indications, she is entitled to a 'hook-up fee' ranging from N50K to N100K from the ladies.The businessman also promised to reward her with a Range Rover Sport on her demand for her services. 

Cossy in the episodic story full of suspense denied having an amorous relationship with the man claiming that she might not have been the man's taste.
One day, she finally spotted the man's 'spec' (ideal taste of lady) on a commercial motorcycle around the Ologolo area of Lekki - Lagos State. In her words, "I saw this angelic big fat ass, with tiny waist on top of okada somewhere in Ologolo, Lekki area, I was driving behind this girl and was moved and felt pity".

She later visited the budding actress at her supposed ghetto home and talked her into a pleasure session with her businessman friend at a handsome price that excited the unnamed lady.

The part 2 of her story indicates that Cossy might have been sleeping with the same man whom she referred to as her 'Boyfriend' who failed to redeem his promise of gifting her a Range Rover SUV on her birthday, October 15. The ostentatious vehicle was finally bought by the unnamed man but given to the Okada girl.
Cossy, according to her confession was heartbroken and left in a state of limbo about how her coveted car was cornered by a supposed ally. Till date, she still wonders if it was the work of lies, big bum or juju (diabolical power) employed by the lady to hoodwink the Father Christmas of a man.

Cossy stated that her friend slept with the Okada girl and paid her a sum of N400K. The Okada girl out of appreciation in turn dashed her N50K.
In the part 3 of her 'Ungrateful Delilah' series, Cossy focused on how the emergence of her mansion which was misconstrued to be from her pervert friend. She claims to be the first Nollywood actress to own a house then. This prompted other ladies sleeping with this unnamed man to start demanding for houses from him probably out of envy.
In the course of the high-profile hook-ups which can be apparently referred to as prostitution, two other Nollwood actresses sleeping with the businessman sabotaged Cossy's relationship with him. 

In her uncoordinated words: 

"2 b*tchy protocols (ladies) got me mad......A very cute smallish Yoruba actress...She has angelic face...hahahahaa heard a story about her and another ...recently....Hmmm no smoke without fire you will say...... Bitch got millions sent to her account from 2011 upwards. She became a big girl and is still relevant to Mr? Till date....fortified juju girl with angelic face. Enjoy your range...enjoy your house....Produce more block buster but don't forget I hooked you up to the person that changed your life". This person here has been wrongly or rightly identified by social media 'detectives' and I will analyse that after the next paragraph.

The second lady reportedly set Cossy up with a N100K hook-up fee and later tendered the bank teller before the businessman as hard evidence to thwart the friendly, business or romantic relationship between them.

"It caused a huge rift....My range (SUV) was on shaky grounds....I accepted collecting the 100K then I accused him (businessman) of sending me on plenty protocols (ladies)".
The part 3 of the "Ungrateful Delilah" series seems very significant as people have maybe 'erroneously' unveiled the person as Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo as she purportedly fits into the 'smallish' body size Cossy described. Her face pictured as 'angelic' also fits in. Cossy also claimed the person was involved in another impropriety of late. 
"Hahahaa heard a story about her and another...recently....Hmmm no smoke without will say" Cossy said.

Can this be the weighty allegation of adultery and embezzlement levelled on Port Harcourt Pastor David Ibiyeomie (Salvation Ministries - Home of Success) involving the same Iyabo Ojo? The purveyor of the news, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo - a blogger and alleged serial cyber-bully is currently languishing behind bars in Rivers State as she is about to be charged to court for defamation.

Furthermore, Iyabo Ojo - also a movie producer drives a Range Rover SUV and has a big house that 'miraculously' surfaced. Well, this could be a mere coincidence of similarities we concluded until Cossy later gave more clues in the future.
As nosy Nigerians were trying to unravel the identities of the indicted actresses, one lady named Stephanie Ogbonna emerged dramatically with a fresh Instagram account and confirmed the Yoruba actress is Iyabo Ojo. She daringly linked her with a secret romance with the embattled Apostle Suleman. She reiterated that the three of them enjoyed threesome s*x at Iyabo Ojo's house at 5-Streets in Agungi, Lagos. 

Stephanie accused Iyabo Ojo of running a 'cartel' of escorts without any strong evidence. She later deleted her Instagram account a day before yesterday, 18th of March, 2017 but the mysterious lady has surfaced to further hurt Iyabo Ojo and drag another actress Ruth Kadiri into the stinking Apostle Suleman Gate.

Well the part 4 of 'Ungrateful Delilah' was more of a sarcastic disclaimer that used the principle of levity to drop the names of the concerned actresses as envisaged by social media users. Cossy cleared the air comically that Delilah is not actress Daniella Okeke who has been romantically linked with Apostle Suleman by his main accuser, Ms Otobo. She went on to state the Yoruba actress isn't Iyabo Ojo in a manner that pointed her fingers at the right directions.

Cossy used that juncture to reveal she keeps a black book of errant 'b*tches' and male friends who spread falsehood about her in the past and made her lose out on 'deals' in New York (United States of America). She further stated that the 'ghost businessman' pays millions to other actresses for s*x while those from her network are paid a sum of N400K. 
She then hinted that the wealth of the businessman might be ill-gotten and that he purposely urged his female clients to open foundations as a way of avoiding prying public eyes about their source of wealth. This was another indirect clue smartly given by Cossy to further confirm the identities of the two actresses. In explicit terms, both Daniella Okeke and Iyabo Ojo have floated their own foundations. Daniella named hers after herself - Daniella Okeke Foundation while Iyabo Ojo named hers 'The Pinkies Foundation'. She also stated that her SUV was never bought probably due to the meddlesomeness of the purported prostituting actresses.

Cossy Ojiakor seems to be gathering confidence everyday in narrating her real-life story and giving clues with the public following with rapt attention. The part 5 continues today, Monday - 20th of March, 2017.

The Village Towncrier promises a full reportage and analysis of the upcoming episodes of the 'Ungrateful Delilah' as produced on social media by the Queen of Boobs.

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