Diary of a Lagos Bachelor: Loud S*xual Ringtones from Festac Town

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My former  housemate, Nkechi was very sentimental about money. That was the only access code to her honeypot. Nkechi will demand for money to make her hair this minute and the next second she would be requesting for Sharwama at the 512 area of Festac Town, Lagos.
As you walk towards the Sharwama joint, she could drag you into a boutique to check out some clothes and shoes without any reasonable amount of money in her pocket.
Nkechi is no doubt one of the best girls I have ever slept with in my life. There was something different and inexplicable about her v*gina. She was fresh to the core and also clean down there. Her v*gina was exactly the size of my p*nis and it was intoxicating. In no time, I became a slave to her as she gained control over me using her body as a leverage.
I was eager to sleep with her at any given opportunity. We stayed in a bungalow that had a few tenants who were unaware of our surreptitious romance. We had to make use of very limit opportunities when the other neighbours were away. Nkechi was like a p*rnstar on bed and a staunch Christian in reality. She could bring down an entire building with her voice during her daily Quiet Time. At a point, neighbours who were disturbed by the echos of her voice thought we had started a Church in our small house. She had to be cautioned by the landlord association to keep her voice down. Her prayers didn't stop us from 'running things'. Nkechi was ever available as soon as you can honour her financial demands that seem like little drops of water but they can make a mighty ocean.
She was virtually nobody's friend as she related with everyone for momentary gains. Nkechi was very stingy and the act of giving in her perception meant making investments. Once she offers you food in the morning, you have to be prepared to offer her a service in the afternoon or have her borrow funds from you and never refund.
I think Nkechi studied my pattern of operations overtime to my detriment. She could perceive my s*xual urge from a distance. Once I try to make a move, she tables her financial demand. Any act of failure on my part cancels any possible romance for that moment. She could also be very rude, unapologetic and cantankerous. I lost my respect, self-esteem and dignity due to my secret s*xual relation with Nkechi.
She was so good at obtaining money that with time I started incurring heavy debts towards the receipt of my salary at the end of the month.
I tried staying away from Nkechi for economic reasons and I opted for a more cheaper option which was a Yoruba girl I had known for a while. She wasn't as good as Nkechi anyway but she kept me going. Nkechi later started seeing a Radiologist of Igbo descent who appeared more financially comfortable than me and our party ended. Nkechi and I soon became enemies as we at one point started keeping malice with each other.
One day, after a heavy rainfall; I walked into Nkechi room to beg for at least one round to keep my body and soul together. Nkechi flared up as she warned me vehemently. She didn't even allow me to hold her hand. It was as if I was a total stranger to her. This is a lady I can't even count the number of times I have slept with her. It was so embarrassing but I endured the resentment and drank some chilled water to cool my nerves.
After a while, the Radiologist dumped Nkechi. I saw it coming because her street mentality could be intolerable to any right-thinking man. We became friends again and this time around I took my time to engage her in friendly discussions at lonely moments without making advances at her.
On one particular occasion, I was so horny and I noticed the other neighours were unavailable. It was just me and Nkechi. I was not scared of touching her for fear of not being humiliated again. I opted for an indirect way of seducing her. I went to the bathroom to take my bath and purposely left the door and curtain open with my phone's light on since there was no electricity.
Nkechi walked in mistakenly and was reluctant to leave. She tried chatting me up as her eyes searched for my erect manhood which I carefully concealed to arouse her curiosity. She was so lost in thoughts. We later sat close to each other when I was done. I started with fiddling with her fingers, holding her, putting it on my chest to traverse the hairs and then rubbing her back. I had my heart in my mouth making such moves as she could be explosive with her exaggerated reactions. Fortunately for me, Nkechi put up a very low resistance and that was the needed boost for me.
I used that juncture to touch her fresh bum, tummy and boobs. I had missed them. She kept warning me to stop as ladies will do but the resistance was almost an encouragement. That night Nkechi asked me for money again and I promised to give at her later date to make her believe I was broke.
I knew a deal was technically struck, so I told her I wanted it under the shower. The last s*x we had there was epic, it was as if she was possessed. She laughed as I followed her to her room with my massive bulge on full display in 3D only for someone to knock at the gate. It was one of our neighbours. He had already said he wouldn't be coming home earlier but he changed his mind. I almost cried. In fact I couldn't attend to him as my erection was too glaring and I didn't want him to suspect any amoral relationship between me and Nkechi. 
I just entered my room and pretended I was fast asleep. Others later joined him and the flat was crowded and noisy again. That night Nkechi sneaked into my room to demand for my phone charger. She loves to borrow inconsequential things. She wore a see-through skimpy night gown with no underwear. I was on my boxers.
"You almost got me into trouble. David (our neighbour) could have caught you in my room having s*x with me" she said.
"That was really close sha" I replied with a regretful heart with another mounting erection. 
It would have been a highly pleasurable f*ck to remember. As she demanded for my phone charger, I observed she was sluggish like she was hiding something. I swiftly grabbed her from behind and started fondling her breasts and other body parts. I noticed she was apparently n*ked and the v*gina was freshly shaved. I pushed her to the chair and immediately started sucking her voraciously. 
'Pls stop! I say stop!! Stop!!!" She kept saying as she opened her legs wider to accommodate my mouth.
Nkechi's p*ssy was as clean as her mouth. It was fresh and juicy with no odour. Meanwhile, people were at the passage talking aloud but I was too aroused to be concerned. But Nkechi who had her hypocritical holy image to protect was still very conscious. I then pulled out my sugarcane and tried inserting it but she jumped up and pushed me away.

"Nawa for you oh! That's too risky. We gonna get caught" she whispered. 
She looked around to see if the coast was clear and then she dashed out of my room. I was so hard that night to the extent that I had to have a cold bath to relax my body and enable me sleep off. The next day was a Friday and Nkechi's panties was in my hands in no time as I dealt with her breasts after a long day at work. I sucked them like I was anticipating the release of natural milk. She expressed her usual resistance and kept asking me;
"What do you think you are doing? I am not interested. I have told you oh. You have started again"
I didn't even give a damn. I fingered her and later inserted my hard c*ck while she kept asking stupid questions. She was sitting on the couch at the passage when I pounced on her in the dark. Damn, I felt that hot flesh parting ways as my rod made an entry. Nkechi was tight and she moaned aloud. She hadn't had s*x obviously for a while. I drilled her for a while as she held me tightly till I exploded inside of her. Her moans were so loud and sweet. I wish I recorded it on my phone to refresh old memories.
I later dashed off to the bathroom to dispose the condom and clean myself up. She did the same and we continued gisting. Nkechi kept flaunting her breasts in my face and it was unusual of her. She removed them from her bra and kept pulling her long nipples.
She looked at me at some point and said;
 "There is something about my nipple which I need to show you. Come closer!" She beckoned to me. 
I jumped up and rushed to her like I studied Human Anatomy in school. As I got closer, there was nothing to see actually so I simply swallowed up the nipple.
"You are very spoilt" she said as she laughed aloud. "Are you a baby or you are hungry? You can suck for Africa".
She took a seat as I sucked both breasts hungrily while she kept fingering herself and moaning like she was weeping. She loved touching herself anyway. As I pulled down my boxers for another round. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I was so crazy that I ran after her in confusion.
"It has started. I am sorry'' she said as he opened up her pack of sanitary pad. 
"What has started" I asked as I was tensed up and losing patience.
"My period of course. I have been expecting it all day".
I bit my finger as I was already charged again for another round. That was the last time we had s*x till I left the house. We hardly keep in touch anymore but each time I hear females play Lawn Tennis on the Television in heated clashes, they make responses that remind me of Nkechi especially when I was hitting too hard and fast.
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