Wipe Your Tears Ondo People, The Sun Will Shine Again!

Without the people, there will be no government because the people constitute the essence of governance in a state. It’s pathetic today that misfits have hijacked the social contract to enrich themselves by signing cheques in the names of the people for their private pockets. It is an abuse of democratic principles for the people to wallow in poverty and penury while the state sponsors propagandist advertorials costing millions of naira on national television stations to launder the image of the leader.

The sunshine state famed for the production of grounded intellectuals with the capability to engrave their names on rocks with bare hands has been reduced to a beggarly position at the mercy of bail outs upon bail outs from the Federal Government which are inhumanely diverted and shared among the ruling elites. The great Ondo state has become a shadow of its former self due to the machination of men in power.

What happened to Ondo state blessed with crude oil, Bitumen, Coal, Limestone, Granite, Clay, Ceramic, Lime Stone, Pebble, Kaolin, Quartzite, Marble, Sea Shells Fossils, Cocoa and in general fertile land for agriculture? How on earth was Ondo mismanaged to insolvency? How have the families of the state civil servants being owed 6 months by the government surviving on paltry salaries been staying alive? Do they sleep well at night and what is their hope at the break of a new day? How can the teeming youths roaming around the streets haplessly be orientated, redirected and progressively engaged towards the betterment of their lives and improvement of the state’s ailing economy? How can we make the aged ones; our parents that served the state at different capacities meritoriously over years smile till the day they gloriously transit to the great beyond?

These are rhetorical questions that re-echo in my head all day as Ondo state makes the news headlines for the wrong reasons in recent times.
The cause of this absurdity isn’t far-fetched. An ‘Iroko’ has blocked the wind of progress in the state. The Iroko tree has blocked the water from flowing thereby driving the proteinous fishes in the Ilaje area into extinction. The Iroko tree has blocked the sun from shining on the hay spread by people at the nick of time. The Iroko tree has blocked the rain water from enriching the soil and boosting the growth of plants to feed the population of over 4 million people.

The difference between a mentally-deranged man in the dirt and a sage in the palace is the state of the head. When the head is sick, the entire body losses focus and direction. Ondo is blessed, Ondo has the potentials for greatness but Ondo chose the wrong head. The ship of development is being driven by a sailor without a compass, hence the reason why we are where we are.
What does the future hold for Ondo state when 5,000 youths/students that are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow are being reportedly rented and brainwashed by the Iroko for a pitiable sum of N3,000 each to protest against the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari knowing fully well that Nigeria has lost over $400 billion to corruption since independence in 1960.

The Iroko is aware of the powerful wind of CHANGE moving through the forest and bringing the fig trees. The evil Iroko serving as a clog in the wheel of growth and development is scared of breaking its trunk by the ferocity of the wind.

Dear Ondo people, as September race to the Alagbaka House draws closer, let’s make a progressive decision with our votes to fall the Iroko and its branches.
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