Dear Nkechi, I Can't Forget Our Last Moment Together in the Bathroom

Nkechi, It all started like joke when you walked pass that door and I volunteered to assist you with your traveling bag as you headed for your new apartment.

Our handshakes later crossed the elbow joint and we found ourselves having a romantic affair. Now my head is filled with the dirty but sweet memories of the Unclad times we have shared together. Just as I am still recovering from our last s*x romp after a heavy downpour that almost got Lagos state swimming which I wrote about, you have stuffed my political head with another sensational experience I wish I could include in my resume in application for jobs.

I came home on a Friday night and spotted Nkechi alone at home. She was on her regular bump short. Her very fair laps glowed in darkness with her exposed cleavage beckoning to me. Suddenly, I got over my low spirit and Nkechi became my major problem. I looked carefully around and realized it was only us. Like someone who had a spell of romance cast on him, I developed a boner which I hid carefully around my belt to play down suspicion. Earlier during the week, I had a brawl with Nkechi. To facilitate the quick union of our discreet organs of pleasure, I approached her to make peace. I took responsibility for the altercation and she accepted my apology. After a long talk, I quietly joined Nkechi on her bed but the resistance was fierce.

She repelled me militarily like the Nigerian army's encounter with the Boko Haram sect in the north-east. She complained of work stress as well as the tiredness incurred in other household chores.

It was a night to forget for me as I was already immersed mentally in lovemaking with her. I went to bed shamefully while my 'abuna' stayed awake. What a night!

The next morning, I decided to try my luck again. One thing spectacular about me is my mental strength in pursuing my s*xual interests. I think I would have been more successful in life if I invested that energy in productive engagements. I approached Nkechi in a friendly way. We talked at length till I found my way to her bed. This time I was more relaxed and skillful with words. She complained about my failure to respond to her financial demands which were quite incessant and repulsive. I accepted my wrong-doings and promised to fix them as any action otherwise would have destroyed the rhythm of the moment.

Nkechi's countenance changed instantly. She smiled and asked me if the gate to the house was locked. I knew where she was driving at. I ran to the gate and padlocked it. I joined her in her room and dragged her to the bed. She stared at me and said: ''Why do you like using force? Let me take my bath first''

I licked my lips like a corrupt police officer that just finalized a bribe scheme. She took off her clothes and headed for the bathroom. The sight of Nkechi's full n*dity was killing. She might not be the most beautiful lady on the street but her fair skin is like a mirror that has a diabolic effect on men which I find inexplicable. I opted to join her in the bathroom as I heard the sound of the shower. I opened the door to watch her and I observed no resistance. I knew the field of play was already mine. I took off my clothes and joined her under the water.

The warmth of her body almost made me climax prematurely. My body temperature increased abruptly as my hands traversed all her sensitive parts. I grabbed her breasts, backside and the oily 'vegetation' down below. We kissed passionately under the cold shower. That moment was unbelievable.

Nkechi was secretive about her ''mumu button'' (weak point) but I cleverly discovered it on my own. When she says she doesn't want s*x, just find a way to get her relaxed and tickle the nipples. In no time she will be thrown into the s*xual fray.

As I tapped the nipples once more. She look up at me due to the height difference and said: ''You always take advantage of my weak point''
I responded with a bright smile. I grabbed her from behind on a 'doggy position' and wanted to do the insertion when she responded swiftly in shock; ''Where is the condom? Do you want to impregnate me?''

I dashed out of the bathroom in my boxers to fetch the condom after which I returned in the speed of light. Forget professionalism, I can bet my life that I would have beaten Usain Bolt at that point in time with the speed of my legs.

On my return, Nkechi showed a brief resistance which I felt was unnecessary. I simply used the tip of my 'sausage roll' which was firm enough to stab a human being to tickle every part of her body. Nkechi faced me and hanged her leg to permit my entry. I wore the condom and slided into her. It was perfect in there. As I jerked, she moaned aloud and the look on her face painted a place above cloud nine. She clinged to me with her legs wrapped around my waist. My legs almost failed me in the process.

I climaxed explosively after a short while. The funniest part was that my erection was still intact like nothing happened. We switched it to a doggy position. She screamed to the extent that I was almost feeling she was possessed. She acts like someone that must have acted porn at a point in her life. She has a way of dancing during s*x which blows my mind.

The way she switches from my lips to my sausage roll with her mouth intermittently is robotic. The water poured on both of us still she climaxed as I sucked her nipples and caressed her body while her fingers were in herself. In no time we ran out of energy. She left the bathroom for me. I washed my body afresh and left. As I approached her exit door of her room, I noticed she was looking towards my direction as she cleaned her body. I looked back and she gave me her usual bright smile. It was a confirmation that I did a good job.

I retired to my room and laid helplessly on the bed as I tried to recover lost energy. Nkechi really took much out of me. To my reader, trying it out under the shower could rejuvenate something lost. You will never regret it.
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