Nigerian Celebrities, One Night Stands and Phobia for Condoms

I was innocently following some indigenous celebrity news and gossips on the internet on Friday, 13th of May, 2016 when the gist popped up that a Nigerian lady with the name Uju Stella was harassing our very own reggae and dance-hall artiste, Burna Boy for allegedly impregnating her and refusing to take fatherly responsibilities for his actions. The rumour has refused to go away with the highly endowed, light-skinned lady from the eastern part of Nigeria revealing Burna Boy has been threatening to kill her which is an indication that the baby is as unwanted as the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.

One of the problems affecting the Nigerian society today is the issue of lack of exemplary leadership in several spheres of life be it political, social, family circle, religious, business and office facets as well as others. Virtually every leader has some skeletons in his cupboard which is against the code of conduct guiding the position he is occupying. In the political sphere, it’s the rampant cancer of corruption which is invariably 'airborne' thereby making every individual susceptible to the syndrome. In the social or entertainment circle which is my major focus, most of the Nigerian celebrities are cocky brand ambassadors of moral decadence in the society.
The truth is, they leave nothing positive for their massive social media followers and other fans to emulate. Nowadays in Nigeria, they have successfully eroded away the dignity of marriage which our fore-fathers cherished and protected against abuse.
It should be noted that in the real African setting, the achievements of a man isn't complete without marital success but due to the effects of globalization which has led to the importation of foreign ideas, values and unfortunately ills, Nigerians go as far as flaunting single mothers called 'Baby Mamas' just like assets as publicly declared by Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani in 2015.

The pioneer of the Baby mama Syndrome among the new age artistes is our own legendary Innocent Idibia aka Tuface or 2Baba who holds the ace in having several kids from different women before finally returning to where he started from, Annie Macauley-Idibia. At a point, the African Queen hit track singer grew in notoriety that barren women in Nigeria were almost nursing the belief that Tuface possesses a special anointing that could cause pregnancy among women by merely sniffing his body scent. Tuface's sexual prowess was almost a match to his singing talent that put him in the limelight. When you listen to banging tracks from Tuface like 'Enter the place' and 'Implication'  attentively, you were realize that the artiste who clocked 40 last year was actually bragging about the terror unleashed on female folks from his waist region.
What baffles me about Tuface's baby spree is that his female fans despite the publicized news of the Benue artiste's loose waist were desperate to have a taste before his retirement from 'bedmantics' thereby constituting a threat to the country by an unprecedented increase in population against scarce resources.

The resultant effect was the procreation of 7 kids from 3 different women namely Annie Macauley, Sumbo Ajaba and Pero Adeniyi. In fact, Tuface's marriage ceremony and honeymoon were a mere mockery of the events because he had exhausted the HONEY and only went to the MOON on recess.

As a Social Scientist with a professional training of 6 years, I have come to realize that every public action has a contagious effect especially when it is not viciously condemned by the society. It poses a great threat to the younger generation who use the mistakes of their predecessors to console themselves for their inadequacies.

General Tuface's sperm bazaar ushered in an influx of several other Nigerian celebrities with cases of baby mamas namely: Burna Boy, Wande Coal, Dprince, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Flavour Nabania, Reminisce, Timaya, Ice Prince, Kayswitch, Tayo Faniran (Big Brother Africa), Oritsefemi, Terry G, 9ice, May D, Seun Kuti, IK Ogbonna, Patoranking and a host of others.

The abrupt way some of these public figures debunk the baby mama news on social media coupled with the prolonged rejection of these women speaks volume of how and where they met them. Majority of these celebrities met these ladies in club houses probably as 'marketers', club visitors, desperate fans and other social events. Some of the ladies were passed from one star to the other due to her sexual expertise before one of the stars unfortunately got hooked after holding tightly to the 'meat' due to its sweetness.

A background search also reveals the questionable characters of the women in question drawing details from the revelations of Davido's baby mama drama involving one Sophia Momodu who is the cousin of popular Ovation publisher, Dele Momodu as well as Wizkid's rumoured babymama 2, Binta Diamond Diallo who has been accused of being a regular club girl in the United States of America. Unconfirmed reports have it that Binta has been gracing the beds of several Nigerian celebrities before the 'Baba Nla' crooner invaded her territory without a bullet proof and then got shot in the chest, now we can all see the 'proof'.
Davido during a heated session of fracas accused Sophia of sleeping with his father's friend. He accused her of smoking Indian hemp, lacking future ambitions amongst other unspeakable claims.

One is forced to wonder why these Nigerian stars have difficulties in dating career ladies despite the wealth they showcase on social media and boast of in their songs. This accounts for the reason why they will flaunt the babies on social media and virtually keep their mothers in the 'purdah' like the Islamic women in the northern parts of Nigeria. A daring and vulgar indigenous rap artiste like Olamide aka Badoo hasn't hidden his love for prostitutes which he often refers to as 'Oloshos' which is a street slang for call girls.

Investigations have also shown that most of the Nigerian male celebrities have unmanageable libidos compounded by their high alcohol intake as well as the smoking of marijuana and other hard substances. This automatically puts them beyond control like he-goats that just got off the stake. This prompts them to at least sleep with a girl or two at social events where they are scheduled to perform. Another baffling problem is their phobia for condoms.
The scourge of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Nigeria seems not to be sending any caution signals to our public figures who have been indiscriminately 'vandalizing' all female assets across the world as far as their art can take them.

The ladies have become vulnerable to been relegated to mere pleasure objects in the hands of these celebrities due to their beggarly and opportunist mentality. The modern day Nigerian girl doesn't want to work. I sincerely apologize to my readers if I am making an unwarranted generalization here. Most of them don't even have dreams and aspirations. That aim is to look beautiful to attract potential buyers/suitors who can meet their price tags. They target social gatherings that attract these celebrities. They showcase all manners of indecent clothes to give the interested persons an idea of their sexual fantasies.
These ladies purposely prepare themselves for pregnancies for the purpose of scooping a large chunk of the celebrity's wealth. According to the father of Nigerian ace singer, Davido, 4 different ladies claimed to be pregnant for his son but a DNA test proved otherwise. That was audacious of the women to attempt to force the babies of another man on an innocent person. This is an indication of the desperation of some young girls to reap where they didn't sow.
Revelations from Davido's messy baby mama saga also reveals he allegedly pays Sophie Momodu a sum of N300, 000 per month for her up-keep. That's almost above what some top companies in Lagos state pay their workers for their professional services. Invariably, 'Baby Mama' has become a job title which is gender specific. Very soon, these women could gang-up and form a gold-digging pressure group like the ‘Association of Baby Mamas of Nigerian Stars’ (ABMNS) to protect their interests in the society.
I will suggest that the top commercial brands giving life-changing endorsement deals to these celebrities should congregate and organize sex education programmes for our entertainment figures. The exercise should focus on the usage of condoms to prevented unwanted babies, spread of diseases and the abuse of women that are good enough to be the dream women of other Nigerians who are limited by financial constraints.

My fear is that marriage as an institution may soon lose its virtuality in the Nigerian society as several ladies have complained of the comfortability of men with having child/children outside wedlock. The wedding ring is now been described as the smallest symbol of imprisonment which several young folks run away from.

Our celebrities should set an impressive antecedence and legacy for the younger generation as they are at the centre, being keenly watched by innocent minds who can be easily corrupted with their actions and inactions.

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