Top 10 Common Ways Nigerian Ladies Indirectly Demand For Money After S*x

Due to the over 60% rate of unemployment in the country, love and romantic relationships have become a medium for siphoning money from guys by the ladies; After all, S*x isn't free, you either pay directly or indirectly in cash or kind.

Below are the common lies the ladies tell their boyfriends/lovers to easily extort money from him as a reward for a pleasurable service:

(1) I want to make my hair:
This has become a common trend among the young folks since the advent of the Brazilian hair that is costly enough to start a viable business to improve Nigeria's economy.

(2) Transport fare:
It’s difficult for most ladies to demand for money from their lovers after a s*xual encounter so as not to feel like prostitutes. So the escape route is to tell him you want to chatter a cab home which is more expensive than the normal public transport.

(3) Misplaced or faulty mobile phone:
Most Nigerian girls are not contented with their current Smart phones even when theirs could be better than yours. With phones in the class of Iphone 6 and others, she could collect her bride price indirectly from you.

(4) Pregnancy:
This is an effective trap for men that die for unprotected s*x. Smart ladies constantly use it to extort money from their boyfriends under the guise of abortion.

(5) Capital for business:
I must confess virtually all the Nigerian ladies are potential entrepreneurs who tender diverse business proposals off hand spontaneously which they will never actualise when you give them the funds. It’s a means of furnishing her wardrobe indirectly.

(6) Birthday:
Some ladies have different birthdays to the extent that they have become confused about their actual date of birth. Once they meet you, they draw the birth date nearer all in a bid to get money from you. This is a very smart way of obtaining money from a sugar daddy on a mega scale.

(7) Final year project funds or school fees:
Some desperate ladies who have never seen the four walls of a higher institution in their lives will demand for school fees or money for their long essays which kind-hearted men easily fall for.

(8) Valentine's Day or other festive events:
Val's day is like a day of reckoning for randy guys as the ladies will traditionally be expecting gifts at all costs like it’s their inheritance or bride price so far she is doing you well on bed.
Some ladies even demand for gifts from their boyfriends on Christmas day which is the birth of Christ.

(9) Health issues:
Nigerian girls use this as a means of attending to minor financial issues like shoes for a party, Aso Ebi for their friend's wedding as a man that fails to pay is deemed heartless and could be permanently cut off.

(10) House rent:
This is the last straw that could break the camel's back especially in a place like Lagos where rents are high. It’s a common lie among 'big girls' who direct it at their sugar daddies. This leads to big hit when it clicks.
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