I Wish You Don't Stop Kissing Me......

I believe in fate. I belong to the school of thought that states life has been scripted. We all learn our lines, act our roles and leave the stage. I remember vividly my first Friday night in Festac Town; you were knocking the gate so late and calling the name of your friend in that angelic voice. I was deeply asleep after working so hard throughout the day. You said 'Carol!' and shockingly I heard 'Osahon!' in my subconscious. It was strange to me as people address me by my English name in this environment. I grabbed my lamp and rushed to the gate only to see you as there was no light.

You were unbelievable. I saw this very tall figure, all the endowments right placed in the best shapes I desired them. Your light-skin overpowered my fluorescent lamp light and I am not exaggerating. You said you wanted to see my housemate and it was hard to believe you. You were like an angel on sabbatical in this evil world. I was scared someone was behind you trying to gain entry into the house, as I made away to confirm, your friend showed up and I opened the gate. The power of your perfume got sleep finally off my eyes. I watched that perfect figure disappear into darkness.

It was hard to hit the tempo of that sleep again. I laid quietly on my bed asking questions about the water body you came from till I drifted off to sleep. The next morning, I caught the sight of you from behind in your skin-tight white shorts after your early morning exercise. I marveled at the curvature. I must confess I got a sudden hard-on strong enough to stab a soul.

That same day, while you were gone, I and the other housemates picked up your gist. I told them the hazards of dating someone too beautiful and my experience. Shockingly, your friend told me you were single and kinda searching. I smiled, you could be searching but your searchlight will overlook someone like me.

Like I said life is scripted and we all know who the writer is. Our path crossed again when I returned from the church on a Sunday afternoon and heard your friends were throwing a surprise birthday party for you at the Elegushi beach in Lekki, Lagos State. I showed interest. I am an indoor person and I hate surprises. I just followed blindly as there was no better plan for the day and besides I wanted to see the most talked about beach in Lagos.

I watched your friends load the drinks into the Sienna bus, the fried pieces of Chicken garnished with sauce and other necessities. One of them was calling you intermittently to track your movement and lure you to the beach. For a minute, I thought about my life and searched deeply the kind of friends that would do such for me. Frankly, almost none. I laughed at myself as I entered the vehicle and we moved. The party started on the crowded beach without you. They kept calling and it was like you were never going to show up. Quietly, I walked around the beach. I saw a lot of beautiful ladies in groups without men. Some of them could have been lesbians but certainly not all. Then it dawned on me that there are still several hearts vacant for me if I could meet up with their rent or entire buy-out clause.

Sincerely, I wasn't concerned about your appearance at the party. Pardon me for being selfish. I watched your friends panic around, calling you incessantly on phone with you not sticking to your promise of showing up. When I saw the caliber of beauty queens that showed up at your party, I wished I had the resources to take two of them home for the night. Probably one slim one and other plump one to balance the pleasure lol. For the first time in my life, I was in a party of about 18 ladies to 2 guys. I religiously keep my distance from the ladies and the alcohol because I was scared of sniffing the aroma of the meal I may not eat.

At around 7:30pm, the hype-man at our tent announced your presence. I look around and I saw you. I recognized the face immediately. Beauty is really powerful. The full attention of everyone was shifted to you. Your outfit was killing with your laps on display like the butcher's meat. Immediately, I said to myself ''I need to make this money so that players like this could play for my club'' 
Everything about Lagos is monetized, the higher the quality, the higher the financial sacrifice. For the first time, I took a close look at you. I observed the way you smiled and greeted the party attendees. We greeted each other and I told you I wanted us to take a picture together which we did but your friend jealously deleted them. I wanted to upload them on the social media to show people that I am balling. Don't mind me, I love to show off what I don't have at times.

When it was 9:00 pm, I realized it was time to head home as I had to go to work the next day. I became disinterested in the party and wanted to return home to sleep. Then your cousin told me you wanted to dance with me. You turned your back at me on the dance floor giving me a signal to rock but I was scared of being turned on. You were like a goddess in front of me. I wasn't concentrating due to the odd time of the day. You offered that I should pass the night at your house with the other girls which I declined due to traffic issues as well as the need to make preparations for work. As I finally prepared to leave around 10:00 pm, you told me you were coming to Festac Town that week to see us. As the chartered Taxi drove me home with some of the girls, I thought about the whole experience and I felt deeply fulfilled. I felt refreshed and when your image popped in my head, I knew my chances were slimmer than May D - the Nigerian singer.

I was flabbergasted when your cousin jokingly told me you like me and will be coming down to Festac Towb from Lekki to see me. I laughed and refused to comment on her statement. I ran to the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror. At that point, I wondered how attractive and appealing I could be looking like. I couldn't even figure out what you wanted from me. I remained calm and intelligently hid my feelings. Before you arrived that Friday night, I went to wash my face, brush my teeth thoroughly and spray my perfume in anticipation for your arrival.

Lo and behold, you arrived. I saw that beautiful figure at the gate; that light skin that could illuminate any dark region and that tall and straight figure that makes you stand out. This time I approached the gate, opened it and teased you. You were quick to hug me. I loved the enchanting scent oozing out of your body and for the first time, I discovered you were almost close to me in height. I watched you leave for your cousin's room with desires. I was short of words and actions. Not too long, you returned with a bottle of 'Andre', you said you wanted us to drink together.

Things advanced and we got strolling under the bright lights of the Festac Town street lights looking for Suya. My heart was filled with 'deadly wishes' When you told me how much you admired me at the party, all the parts of me became awake. I was so quick to ask for a kiss. Dear Nirvana, when you brought your mouth close and our lips engaged, it was as if I was in another planet. It was the best kiss ever. From that point we lost control of ourselves and couldn't stop. I checked the time and it was 12:00 Am. We parted wanting more. That was a sweet sin. I was held between thanking the heavens for making that happen in my lifetime and the consideration of the sinful action as a Christian. The next day continued with a higher tempo, our lips seemed to be more in love with each other while our minds quietly connected.

Everything about you was perfect. I felt this unlimited joy in me as I held you in my arms. I wanted more but you saved the best for the last. Drinking with you gave me a liberation of mind. I was forced to go sleep as I was almost talking too much. When I finally opened my eyes and tried to read some articles on my phone while the light was off, you showed up, kissed me passionately. When you tapped those 'special spots' I told you, I knew it was time. Two shots were fire at quick successions. Wish I could make a description but I don't want to increase the age rating of this article. For the first time in my life, I understood the difference between sex and lovemaking.

The heavy downpour of the 2nd of October, Friday night could have done the worse by preventing us from seeing each other while I tortured myself with romantic thoughts. My heart bled when I made the call to confirm the obvious. I looked at the gate and wish I could see that perfect figure knocking for the third time. My thoughts are clouded, I still kiss you in my dreams, the memories are on a constant playback in my heart. You make me feel as if you are my first. I feel a lot of things are wrong but I don't want to make them right.

 Dear Blog, I am putting this in writing so that the thoughts and memories don't die with me. Let the imaginations live in the hearts of people too. I really pray you don't stop kissing me, Nirvana.

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