CCT: Buhari sets the Stage, Tinubu Directs the Drama and Saraki Acts

Senate President, Bukola Saraki
The travails of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki in the highly publicised saga with the Code of Conduct Tribunal over an alleged false declaration of assets could be seen from a movie perspective. It could be safely referred to as a film project produced by President Muhammadu Buhari, covertly directed by the former governor of Lagos state in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with the embattled Saraki as the main actor getting all the unprecedented attention.

The 'scenes' of Saraki's trial before the Code of Conduct Tribunal depicts the high level of conspiracy and witch-hunt in the All Progressives Congress which is being adored as the agent of change in Nigeria. This only confirms my previous claims that politics in Nigeria remains the same but only the formation changes to beat the intelligence of the masses. These people control what we know, it’s a make-believe system with the back stage clips limited to powerful eyes. One day, Nigerians will wake up to the bitter truth that Buhari is the only 'Change' in APC while the other members could be referred to as a continuation of the 16-years modern slavery in the hands of the People's Democratic Party, PDP. Buhari publicly declared his assets which is an impression of his level of integrity. His fellow APC counterparts have strongly refused to follow suit and just a private disclosure before the Code of Conduct Tribunal according to the dictates of the 1999 constitution caused a ‘Saraki’ to slip in shame. This speaks volume of the staggering records of enormous wealth they have amassed over the years at the expense of the 170 million Nigerians and their undying passion to loot more in years to come.

We have all heard of Alhaji Ibrahim Coomasie former Inspector General of Police, IGP's 22-year old son, Ibrahim Coomasie Sarki from Daura, Katsina state whose father served under the late General Sani Abacha regime, flaunting his father's wealth on Instagram and ordering for the latest cars online. He is so known that car companies reply his Tweets on the social media. But what is his source of income? His father is retired and he is only a student. This is a question you may ask today and you may not live or publicly appear to ask the next. This is the life our greedy politicians want for their generations to come while an average Nigerian at the age of 36 celebrates buying a new Tricycle, 'Keke Napep' in the church or even buying a fairly used car of 1999 model in 2015 with the congregation shouting in celebration.

Back to my initial claim of Buhari producing a movie that showcases Saraki's stellar dance of shame, there has been strong rumours of a cold war between Buhari and Saraki over the alleged 'democratic coup' that saw Saraki emerge as the Senate President in which he liaised with members of the PDP, undermining the bad blood between both parties to achieve his undying ambition. The dramatic advantage Saraki took to secure his candidature in the absence of 51 APC senators waiting for a meeting with the president at the International Conference Centre in Abuja shows the fierce desperation in Saraki for power. This affirms the length Saraki could go to achieve his aims regardless of the limitations on ground. This is dangerous for APC as the same Saraki nurses a presidential ambition after publicly confessing he stepped down for Buhari at the 2015 presidential elections. All efforts by Saraki and his cohorts to seek Buhari's pardon failed as the president watched Saraki from a distance with adequate caution.

Saraki's emergence was a dirty slap on the face of Tinubu who got bored with his hold on the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos state for over 16 years and decided to move his ministry to the permanent site, by controlling power at the national level. Tinubu's candidates were Senator George Akume as the Senate President and then Femi Gbajabiamila as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He gathered the support of eminent personalities within the APC and it was almost obvious that his wishes were coming to reality before events played south.

Saraki's emergence as the Senate President of the 8th National Assembly shook the foundation of APC and exposed the selfish interests of the party leadership all concealed with the slogan of 'Change' which also means the money collected after making a purchase. The leadership of the APC swiftly moved to quell the brewing crisis and urged the aggrieved parties to sheath their swords but Tinubu being an old cat in politics patiently waited for Saraki on his way home to prove to him that his 11 years ahead of Saraki in terms of age is invaluable.

Saraki was caught off guard in the web of a false declaration of assets with the ever passive Code of Conduct Tribunal waking up from its slumber of ages to assume the role of a criminal court to nail the unsuspecting third man in the political hierarchy of the Nigerian system. Saraki and his supporters have openly termed the 13-count charged slammed on him as an act of 'political lynching' by some powerful Nigerians who are against him for being the Senate President. Who are these faceless but highly powerful elements? Names may not be mentioned in print but going down the dramatic events of the race for Senate Presidency, Tinubu will be fingered.

63-Year old Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a perfect movie director who specialises in producing political contents. It would be recalled that the role of a director is never noticed in a movie except out of curiosity by the audience. The actors take the credit as the producers and directors fade into the background. This is a vivid analogy of the mode of operation of Tinubu. Let's take a clue from the way he 'scolded' the immediate past governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola for reasons not confirmed. Before the rift between Tinubu and Fashola, the latter was seen as a budding messiah in Nigerian politics making reference to his immense contributions to the development of Lagos state. Nobody knew he spent a whooping sum of N78 million on his personal website that could have freely being a blog and then another N139 million on sinking boreholes to produce 'crude oil' in Lagos.

The shots were fired at Fashola by a faceless shooter. Even when Tinubu wanted to use the PDP chapter of Lagos state as a shield to conceal his identity, it all came back to him. Tinubu is a specialist when it comes to directing of real occurrences from the background and letting others take the credit and hurt while he goes clean.

Tinubu initially set Ibrahim Lamorde, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC against Toyin Saraki, the wife of the Senate President over cases of corruption traceable to her husband. It was a ploy to beat the firewall of Saraki through a weaker window. Saraki swiftly made a counter-attack that broke the camel's back by inviting George Oboh, the Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security Services, PASS to expose the unremitted N1 trillion recovered from corrupt public office holders which were heartlessly embezzled by Lamorde and other faceless officials. This incapacitated Lamorde and caused a perpetual setback in the trial of Toyin Saraki.

Tinubu laid doggo till the 'dirty' Saraki with so many loopholes on his stint walked into his trap with a false declaration of assets. Saraki's failure to show up at the tribunal and also his action of seeking orders from higher courts to stall the proceedings gave Nigerians the perception that he may not be actually guilty, but he may be hiding a human head in the refrigerator of his inner chambers. The drama was protracted that Justice Umar Danladi of the CCT was forced to issue a bench arrest warrant against a high profile man like the Senate President in Nigeria. It would have been more shameful with the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase storming Saraki's abode to handcuff him.

Saraki may survive the storm with 82 senators (initially 84) out of the 109 senators in the National Assembly passing a Vote of Confidence on him, but seeing a Saraki stretching his neck and looking out of the dock as an accused is an epic dance of shame that will manifest when he wakes up his presidential ambition in 2019 as expected. It is rumoured that his ambition was the sole reason why he visited Maiduguri some months back to pacify the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs at their various camps.

With the camera focused on Saraki and the keen eyes of the audience being the Nigerian masses watching him wash his dirty linens outside on the order of Tinubu, there are strong lessons to learn. The stoning of Saraki at the Eid praying ground on Sallah day in Ilorin, Kwara state shows the preconceived view of the masses about him even though he hasn't been proven guilty by the CCT. The Nation newspapers being the first mainstream news platform to publish the 'stoning of the devil' like the Hajj scenario speaks volume of how strong their boss Tinubu wanted Saraki's shame publicised to dent the morale of him and that of his loyalists.

If the report that the prosecutor of Saraki at the tribunal, Rotimi Jacobs (SAN) had his evidences provided by the executive governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El Rufai by virtue of his access to information as the former FCT minister in 2007 is to go by, it’s safe to say, the ploy to root out Saraki is a northern agenda.

And also, the rumoured 10 million man-match by northern youths to move for the resignation of Saraki confirms my initial postulation.

The controversies surrounding Saraki who is the number 3 man in the political hierarchy of Nigeria will contribute immensely in deterring the anti-graft campaign of Buhari going by the saying that 'charity begins at home'. Before you change the outside world, you have to change yourself and the immediate people around you. If Saraki believes his case is as a result of witch-hunt, then literally, he must have been a 'witch' for the hunter to come for him. An innocent mind fears no accusations.

Saraki's alleged political persecution also confirms the Elite theory in political science which postulates that the interests of the elites are paramount in their rulership of a state in the course of pursuing the general will of the people. Some certain political figures in Nigeria have become mystical agents determining the political climate of the country while the helpless masses can only watch with limited knowledge of developing events.

On a closing note, I am not a fan of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki who amassed so much wealth without a decent explainable means of how he generated them. When controversies are paramount, an element of truth can be subjectively deduced. Saraki's ambitious nature makes him a mosquito on the scrotum of the APC, it has to been taken out intelligently to avoid a perpetual damage to the scrotum.

Saraki if not carefully handled could bring about an exodus of majority of the APC senators to the PDP and give the latter a fair chance to elect a Senate President. This is very feasible considering the full support he is getting from the senators of the two warring parties. This could cripple the APC as they have been termed as an experimental project that will not stand the test of time.

This is just me thinking aloud again! I am the Village Town Crier.
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