Why Some Nigerian Ladies May NEVER Get Married

We are in a society where ladies seek for a "Mr Right" just as if they misplaced one. In the real sense of life, there is no ''Mr Right''. We were all born with imperfections. Nobody has it all except in movies which we can't be factually employed in analyzing real life issues. He may have all the wealth in the world and at the same time be the ugliest man; you may be the most handsome guy and at the same time be financially unfit to go on a date with a girl not to even talk of paying her bride price. Shout out to all the female entrepreneurs marketing their bodies. They sleep with all manners of men deformed by excess wealth. Its either the head is as big as that of a hippopotamus or he is heavily ''pregnant'' with triplets that may never be born. These female entrepreneurs make so much money from these men but deep inside, the emptiness is still there because they their spirit, soul and body yearns for younger men who could be struggling financially.

Personally, I feel the idea of Mr Right is the person with inabilities you can cope with and cover up for. We live in an age where everything is centered on money. Life is lonely despite the 7.3 billion people in the world when you are living in poverty. In the same vein, your house becomes crowded when the riches begin to flow in. You always find the light-skinned ladies on skimpy wears wherever the finances are guaranteed.

You may have the best heart, the most loving nature, the perfect looks, height and other physical attributes as long as your bank account is as slim as the American rapper Wiz Khalifa. In the Nigerian society, at least with my experience with people in the South-West region where we have several migrating tribes, a Mr Right is simply that single young man that is wealthy. This is relative as ladies have varying degrees of tastes. This accounts for the reason why the "atutupoyoyos" get married every weekend while the beauty queens assume the role of the regular buyers of the "Aso Ebi" much enough to start a clothing business. The beauty queens reserve their highly priced body for the wealthy men who are in the staunch habit of promising multiple women marriage as a viable strategy to hit the honey spot.

I have seen cases of men physically abusing their girlfriends. I have a friend that slapped his girlfriend publicly in the front of an eatery to the amazement of everybody. A reputable eatery for crying out loud and we all know how we Nigerians fake out attitudes depending on the social status of where we find ourselves. The way some people would behave in a 'buka' popularly called 'Iya Basira' is not the way they will relate with others in a place like 'Tasty Fried Chicken of KFC' She got slapped and my friend was on the verge of proceeding with some extra before friends held him back. It was a disgraceful scene as the girl cried profusely. Deep inside of me, I said that was the end of the relationship but that same day, they still made love. Here is the reason, the guy was financially buoyant, his impact was indispensable in the girl's life. Several men out there batter their lovers bastardly and the lovers even go as far as lying to their close friends that they were attacked by robbers in order to cover up for the lover's excesses.

This acknowledges the saying that: ''It is better to cry in a 2015 model Range Rover SUV than be happy on a Motorcycle popularly called an Okada"

You will agree with me that a broke man could be arrested with the police by his love for beating her. She would even go as far as filing accusations of rape to give the case a strong basis. That would make a long-break, if not an end to the relationship. Money is an idol that is being worshipped by our ladies. Money covers up for all the imperfections in your life. An average Nigerian lady could tell you a monkey is handsome if the monkey's pocket is good-looking.

Ladies dating rich men who are randy always tend to stand back to fight for their place among the competing ladies compared to when the men involved are not forthcoming financially.

It all centers on MONEY. All the ladies are currently seeking for men that could help them achieve their dreams of living large while contributing little or no quota. That is the ugly side of the society we live in.

You visit churches and see mature ladies shaking the four walls of the church with prayer points on getting a Mr Right while able-bodied men that could fill into those vacancies are sitting next to them. The idea of a Mr Right is that young man that cruises the four wheels that make the general public ponder on what he does for a living. Even when you are earning well with bright prospects, some Oliver Twist-minded ladies will still go as far as asking about where you see yourself in the next 5 years or more. Well the question may seem harmless but it has deeper meanings. It goes a long way in telling you her level of uncomfortability with your present status. A friend who had a comfortable job was forced to part with his lover of 2-years when that question kept recurring. A friend shared with me how his supposed girlfriend plans to tour Dubai and the United States of America for her honey moon. Isn't that scary for the common men? We all have to take up jobs at the Oil Companies to live up to the expectations of our ladies. Unfortunately, even Shell Oil Company has laid off 6,500 members of staff indiscriminately in a bid to cut down overhead costs.

Here is my question, who will marry these single ladies of an unprecedented high taste? I would have suggested that we should all buy guns, get a squad and begin to rob banks but the men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) are more vigilant than ever. That is just to create humour.

I hereby use this medium to appeal to ladies to lover their tastes; they should see the bigger picture in the future. They should pay attention to potentials, most times it is not about what the man carries physically but that unseen feature he carries deep inside. They should see the seed in him and help him find that loamy soil to plant it so that they can both flourish.

A man will never respect you if you were never a part of his history in the dark days. You will only exist to him for the moment I.e. a pass time instrument of pleasure. Don't be degraded for financial benefits; you deserve to live like a queen.

The Village Town Crier drops his pen here.
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