Why Is It So Hard To Live Without Sins?

 In my course of over 25 years in this world, I find it difficult to see someone living a perfect life. This account for the reason why I have chosen to admire the men of God from afar. The moment you get close to one, the imperfections become glaring. My close relationship with a generality of youths has shown that drinking, smoking, stealing, lying, weakness for money, womanizing are peculiar odd sides they always quietly or openly harbour. Even the ones that seem perfect, will jump at the opportunity of womanizing or drinking as long as its going down with all expenses paid for.

My close friend told me every youth goes to the church to pray to God for that financial breakthrough with a hidden agenda to flee from his presence in sins with the money. I had to think deep to agree with him. How many youths will stay faithful to their lovers with a monthly salary that spans into a million Naira? Several youths will lose respect for ladies like the Nigerian artistes. They will skip the procedural 'toasting' and seek a shortcut into her pants. How many youths will sleep alone on a Friday night with millions in their banks accounts?

Yorubas will say the true character of a man is known when he is financially loaded. How many people will endure insults from lower folks or keep the same old friends with an elevation in their financial status. Most youths believe the best way to live before marriage is having a lot of video vixens at service, an exotic car that makes the elderly people gnash their teeth in envy, wearing those expensive designer clothes with a perfume that draws every lady born of a woman. What about living in that mansion, fully furnished without the supervision of parents or guardians?  Having some ‘tush’ and bad friends around and also hanging out in the VIP sections of prominent club houses.

A life of sins is just a life of vanity. A life of emptiness that only ensures your vulnerability to the attack of the devil. A life that denies you of the greater blessings of God. The devil uses all these cheap antics as baits to attract the children of God to him and destroy their destinies. Imagine what Joseph the dreamer would have lost if he had slept with the willing Potiphar’s wife? He would have lost royalty for some few moments of pleasure that would have destroyed him at its exposure. To be sincere, it’s hard to resist sin. It seems to be a part of life that we quietly live with. We as humans now live with the justification that sins are classified into two: 'small sins' and 'big sins' which is the height of self deceit.

Most youth have become to hypocritical about life. Telling ourselves lies to help us sleep well at night. The most hurting part of life is that evil thoughts and inactions are sins too. I have battled with having a clean heart for so long and it seems to be impossibility. There is always one sinful desire I suppress at one point or the other.
How many youths are thinking of helping the less-privileged when they reach the top? How many of us are thinking of helping the churches where our prayers were answered? How many of us think of remitting cash to our parents no matter how small at the end of the month just to appreciate them? Yet we invite those materialistic women in our lives to reap where they didn't sow

I am not a preacher; I don't want to be regarded as one. This is just me thinking aloud.
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