Letter To My Former Boss

Dear boss,
                I believe you are doing great. I salute your resilience in a bid to take the company to the summit regardless of the limitations surrounding business growth and development in Nigeria. I always try to keep in touch with my former colleagues because the team is a family I am still tied to whether I want it or not. I smile whenever I see the articles posted by my former colleagues generating so much traffic. It was always my utmost wish.

I apologize for my abrupt exit. In life it gets to a point where you just have to take concrete decisions and bear the sacrifices. I remember a major meeting we had after my first month, I told you my long stay wasn't guaranteed but I swore to contribute my full quota to the company even till my last second which I did. My earnings could have never been enough but the values you impacted in me are invaluable. I am happy I left as a better person.

I remember when I came in with little or no experience. I came in as virtually an empty person. All I had in me was the will to learn and work. When you read my job descriptions to me, I felt cold in my heart due to the fears of not meeting up. I was almost tempted to cancel my appointment but the belief of people that I am lazy and proud prompted me to take up the job in order to prove them wrong.

I fell in love with online editing unconsciously. I developed so much passion for President Muhammadu Buhari who I believed could set Nigeria unto the right direction. Writing is a skill I always had but never expressed. One day, I was forced to write an article of just 10 lines to mock the People's Democratic Party, PDP. I was scared of posting it as I felt it was inferior. My former colleague, Temitope Amodu who shared the same table with me saw it and screamed it was good. I posted it and the next day it went viral on the internet. From that point, I gained so much confidence.

Today I have almost 80 articles online all written by me. History will always have it that your platform was where I started my writing journey from on a mainstream note. You gave me a free hand I never really appreciated until I left. I was left with limited rules. This enabled me to make mistakes, learn from them and develop. I grew in writing and flourished like a plant located at the riverside all due to the freehand you gave me. I remember impressive records like my article on "Money Politics" on Naij.com that gathered 10,000 views in just 2 days and the other on Nigerian politics almost shutting down SaharaReporters. Nobody believed a young Ibadan writer could pull such a stunt that caused several people to text and call me all over Nigeria. These are special moments in my career I will forever remember.

I remember your views about my dressing which I worked on. I remember the few times you called me into your office for personal talks. Those words of advice improved my orientation of life. You warned me against being too emotional. That is one weakness in my life I have been working strongly to get over. I have learned to hide my pains. I have stopped being easily predictable. I am learning to be a man.

Some moments of unconscious dedication to the job would forever remain evergreen in my memory. I remember falling sick a day to the presidential election, 28th of March. I struggled to work till the end of the day. Your driver drove us to my house in your car while we discussed about the possibilities of President Muhammadu Buhari emerging the winner. I couldn't work from home because I wasn't strong enough. My colleagues had internet problems at their various houses and couldn't post enough articles. I was forced to gather some strength, get a Wi-Fi connection around my sister's office, and I posted several news articles. You expressed your shock when we resumed at work. That irregular decision was borne out of my feeling of attachment to the company, passion for Buhari and my little contribution to putting Nigeria on the right course.

Online journalism boosted my knowledge of issues. It widened my horizon about life. I was able to address political issues with several valid references. I won a lot of supporters for President Muhammadu Buhari. I will never forget the 31st of March 2015 when Buhari was officially announced the winner of the 2015 presidential elections in Nigeria by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. I danced like never before, I was overjoyed. I became a celebrity online with a lot of my friends on the Blackberry Messenger fervently keeping tabs on me for election updates. Your company made it possible.

I will never forget in a hurry the period of the gubernatorial election when I single-handedly posted on the news site. The traffic was so high that the website crashed. I only had about 7 hours sleep in a period of two days. And also, I will also cherish the day I was mandated to interview job seekers under that platform of Jobemy consult which is the company's recruitment arm. I was corporately dressed in suit and I threw questions to the applicants gallantly with my colleague. I interviewed someone that had a better qualification than me and he was jittering. That moment I realized my position was a privilege. I bless God for his blessings.

I remember the rough times we had, and I really appreciate them because they all led to positive results. Conflicts are bound to occur when several people with different orientations sit under one roof to speak in one voice. I maybe far from the company but my heart will always be close to it. I pray to God on my exit to find a viable replacement of me for you.

I hope the company keeps soaring high and one day I know we will surely meet to exchange greetings. Thanks for everything.
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