Top 10 wack songs of Olamide

As a Village Town Crier, you get to see so many amazing and odd things around by virtue of your coverage of the entire polity in the relay of information from the King. Today I will be focusing on a young man who happens to be a Nigerian music artiste. I am a little bit confused about calling him a rapper, a singer or mere talker. The bottom line is that he takes us to the dance floor and his songs rock club houses especially when people are under the influence of those 'things' their parents warned them against.
 His name is Olamide, an indigenous rapper raking all the cash in the Nigerian music industry. His full name is Olamide Adedeji (born 15 March 1989). He is a hip hop recording artist from Bariga, Lagos State. He records mostly inYoruba, his native tongue. In 2011, he released his debut studio album Rapsodi while signed to Coded Tunes. YBNL, his follow-up album, was released under his label imprint YBNL Nation. The story goes on and on but that's not my concern here.

I must confess that I admire a lot about this music artiste but all my admirations are far from the music he does. I like his passion, his uniqueness, energy and atimes his own 'kind' of creativity in music shows he wants to sustain the interest of his listeners. I like the fact that he is fairly successful at a very young age considering his lowly background. Sometimes I am tempted to abandon my job as a Village Town Crier to venture into music in case I can make so much money and snatch my King's queen.

On a serious note, I personally feel Olamide is a noisemaker. He is the kind of artiste that is not fit for a sane society where we have intellectual listeners. His lyrical contents are either promoting violence or encouraging hemp smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol, demeaning of ladies especially the ones who are unnecessarily obsessed with celebrities and their money, usage of harsh and abusive words. His recent act of smoking marijuana on camera during an interview only shows how myopic he could be. There will always an end to his musical reign and he will be forced to find his feet in another industry. It could be politics like other celebrities and trust me any opposing candidate will fish the video clips out on YouTube or any online archive and pay a daring Television station like the African Independent Television (AIT) to air it as part of a documentary against him. Only the doctors can tell what the Blood Pressures of Tinubu and Buhari rose to when AIT opened their files.

I have sat down to make a list of the top 10 wack and quack songs Olamide featured on. It could be a hit but there are empty hits like Awilo Logomba invasion of Nigeria. We rocked his songs and interpreted it in our own native languages. It was that crazy. The culture of good music is still alive. As crazy and weird as Dencia is, her trending song and video titled ''African Energy'' shows creativity. It will forever be evergreen and will be in the archive of songs that will inspire youths to achieve their full potentials in Africa.

Below is the list of below average songs Olamide had his name on:

1) MasterKraft- Indomie ft Olamide and CDQ
Great beat by the producer but it seems some touts were mandated to jump on the beat. I am always clueless each time I sit down to think about the motivation behind this song. The dance steps were synonymous with epilepsy. No father will smile at his child rocking such a song filled with foul languages and coarse voices.

2) Shakitibobo
A lot of people will frown at this because it’s the rave of the moment. The beat seems good but if you listen critically to the song, you will realize the level of mediocrity it portrays. As usual Olamide employed his coarse voice on the beat like he was a garage tout. The only reason why the song is trending is because he is in the limelight. It’s a kind of luck that goes with reigning artistes. A hardworking up and coming artiste will never have that privilege. The music video was so dry and lacked a concept or story line. This is possibly due to the fact that the cinematographer wasn't inspired by the song.

3) Viktoh - Instagram Police Ft. Olamide & Small Doctor
Viktoh is a talented R'n' B music artiste but the song shows he has been influenced to have a change of style to what the street demands as Olamide will always say. Rumours have it that Viktoh was neglected by Olamide among his other YBNL label mates because he wasn't doing the usual commercial songs. Hence, the reason why he dumped his person and his originality for another.

4) Ladi: Olamide & Phyno ft Lil Kesh
I must confess this song would have been perfect as the theme song of a porn movie. It’s so despicable to see adults, especially Olamide who a father is being so terribly obsessed about oral sex which he boldly did a song on. I would have pardoned Lil Kesh if he did the song alone because of his young age. I wish the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) wasn't dormant. Let's hope the Buharism in Nigeria touches them.

5) Chop Ogbono: Dr Sid ft Olamide
Nigerian music is known for lack of creativity. Someone under the influence of marijuana or alcohol will just coin some slangs and put them in a song. What is the ''Ogbono'' Dr Sid was refering to? How can Ogbono which is a soup be linked with ladies? I hope it’s not what I am thinking? Oh yes! What you are thinking too. Well he had to bring Olamide on the song since that is his area of specialization. Another wack track to forget.

6) Local rappers
It’s okay if Olamide, Phyno and Reminisce have chosen to represent the rugged people. Those are their personal decisions but it’s wrong and totally unacceptable for them to attack rappers practising the real culture of hiphop. Everybody can't be too sentimental about money like them. That was the onus of the 'local rappers' song. Olamide's mentor Dagrin who paved way for him didn't tow this line. He is trying to bit more than he can chew. Well, another boring and wack song was produced.

7) Falila Ketan
Another sex-inspired song. Olamide should probably be a brand ambassador for Gold Circle Condom Company. It’s a way of making people know what he stands for. Anybody who feels the song is dope should probably play it for his Pastor or Imam or use it as a ringtone is a comfortable setting to estimate the way eyebrows will be raised.

8) 69 missed calls by Jabless
This is another song with x-rated contents in which several music artistes bragged about sleeping and dumping prostitutes who in turn bother their phones with unprecedented phone calls. Lil Kesh, Olamide, Chinko Ekun and others jumped on the track. You can never see someone like Timi Dakolo, Darey Art Alade, Bez, M.I or Iceprince on such a dead song because these personalities represent strong values musically. Jahbless who has refused to learn a trade decided to get his kind on a clueless song.

9) Ibadan ni wo wa: Qdot ft Olamide
This is a song very common among Ibadan locals. The kind of people that could slit someone's throat when you talk against Chelsea football club. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to insult Chelsea fans. You will wonder why this song is not prominent at big circles. It is strictly for the street. The 'street' has become an adjective for qualifying below average songs.

10) Skelemba: Olamide ft Don Jazzy
When you hear lyrics like ''Mr Marcaroni, riding on the bicycle, if you want to marry me, Mr Marcaroni oh!" You know there is a problem. This is a nursery rhyme being adopted in a song by someone who is old enough to be a school teacher. What was Olamide thinking? All I heard throughout the song was Skelemba! Skelente!! I am pretty sure Don Jazzy was pressured into recording the song with him. Olamide simply wanted a big name that will make the song sell I.e. for publicity purposes.

I really hope I haven't abused my freedom of speech or press by voicing out my thoughts about Olamide's music. I am really sorry if you feel gutted by my views. It is my personal opinion and you can't take it from me even though it doesn't count. In fact, probably I am just being shameless; Olamide is making millions while I am just a common Village Town Crier.

N.B: This post is strictly my personal view which i am entitled to by virtue of being a human being. They shouldn't be termed as hate comments of defamatory statements on the individuals involved. 
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