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Niiyo E-commerce Limited has been trending on the social media platforms in Nigeria of late. There has been series of debates about our capabilities to make a positive impression in the e-commerce industry with less than 21 days to commence full business operations in Nigeria. We have taken notes of the questions and comments made by people through our effective feedback process. Below are some of the top reasons why, Nigeria's Most Exclusive Online Shopping Mall should be your most rational choice:

1). We provide adequate technology and services to enable consumers, merchants and other participants to conduct commerce on our platforms.

2). is more than a business platform. It is a people-centred initiative to reduce unemployment rate around the world.

3). provides a better business environment for the benefit of both sellers and buyers.

4). has heavy investments in e-commerce research programmes for the purpose of developing new services to help businesses grows and discover new opportunities. This is to encourage innovations to serve our clients better.

5). is easily accessible on personal computers and all manners of mobile devices to ensure convenience in shopping from wherever you are.

6). We speak your local language. The strong desire of every buyer is maximum utility over desired goods and services. At, we will rather incur a financial loss than lose a SINGLE customer no matter the level of patronage.

7). boasts of a huge wealth of experience in e-commerce with a strong impression in U.S.A and Dubai.

8). has hugely invested in the recruiting and training of super-talented and energetic young workers to champion its business course in Nigeria.

9). Wide coverage in Nigeria to ensure quick delivery STRICTLY within 24 to 48hrs of transaction regardless of your location.

10). deals with commodities of international standards due to its affiliations across Nigerian borders at highly subsidized rates for the good of all classes of people in the society.

The list is virtually endless but we will like to pend it here. Thanks for your attention thus far. We exist for the betterment of human lives. Feel free to share with your friends and drop comments. Inquiries will be duly attended to. Thanks

Keep trending, Nigeria's Most Exclusive Online Platform. #ComingSoon!
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