INTERVIEW: The Village Town Crier Meets Sam Ojei, Niiyo Online Shopping Mall Boss has gained so much prominence on the social media with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin and others. So many expectations are trailing the emergence of the company and for this reason we fixed an appointment with the Operations Manager of the firm in person of Mr Samson Ojei. This is for the purpose of answering the popular questions the public have been raising about the company.

Interviewer: Good day Mr Samson Ojei, pardon my pronunciation of your last name.
Mr Samson Ojei: *smiling* It’s okay sir.
Interviewer: Sir, please tell us about yourself.

Mr Samson Ojei: My name is Samson Ojei as you know. I am an entrepreneur who has long years of experiences in diverse businesses across the country as well as abroad. By the grace of God, I am the Chief-Executive Officer of South Atlantic Travels with our head office in Ikeja, Lagos. 

Interviewer: Thanks so much Sir. Please, can you tell us what Niiyo E-commerce Limited is all about?

Samson Ojei: Niiyo is an online shopping mall. Niiyo can safely be regarded as Nigeria’s Most Exclusive Online shopping platform.We are into massive sales of items in the category of women’s fashion, men’s fashion, phones, computers, electronics, baby toys & kids, home & kitchen, sports & fitness, music, movies, books and a lot more. Our goods are of international standards in alignment with the reputation of our mother company abroad.We are well determined not only be the best and largest online market mall in Nigeria, but also to be most consumer friendly and offer best to our customers at best prices ever. We are launching with thousands of products, and 35 product categories. Our unbeatable prices, free shipping, secure, easy payment and buyer protection guarantee will surely encourage millions of buyers.

Interviewer: That’s quite impressive sir. But sir I perceive so much passion in the tone of your voice. I will like to know your major motivation about the Niiyo project which is a great task ahead.
Mr Samson Ojei: Thank you. As I have always said in the series of interviews I have granted on Television stations and radio stations; our major onus at is beyond monetary gains. Giving back to the people and making life more comfortable for them is our mission. Firstly, we are striving hard to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria which is above 60% by contributing our own little quota. We have employed hundreds of young people who are highly talented but lack opportunities to champion our cause in Nigeria. Adequate remuneration has been given to them with several incentives in a first class working environment to bring the best out of them.
In addition to that, some are being trained by professionals in specialized Information Technology positions as well as marketing to improve their skills and ideas.
Furthermore, we are also motivated by the unflinching desire to ensure a customer gets maximum utility over goods purchased from Niiyo E-commerce Limited.
We also want to help small businesses grow in Nigeria and to operationalize this grand plan, we have created a network of local merchants in Lagos for the sole purpose of introducing their merchandise to the outside world on a massive scale all for free. I wish I could continue with other motivating factors but time mayn’t permit me.

Interviewer: This is really brilliant sir having an entrepreneur with the interests of people at heart.
Mr Samson Ojei: *Smiling* Thanks so much sir.
Interviewer: You are welcome sir. 

So sir, Niiyo E-commerce Limited going by the social media trends is highly anticipated and we just got a wind of a recent change of the launching date. What is the cause of the delay?
Mr Samson Ojei: Well…… the E-commerce sector in Nigeria especially in Lagos which is the commercial city in Nigeria is highly competitive. I don’t want to go into mentioning the names of our numerous competitions. We are focused on correcting the ills and covering the loopholes that have marred the industry with customers at the receiving end. For this task, a lot of concrete plans are needed ranging from staffing, training, purchase of equipment, machineries and drawing an efficient managerial sketch for optimum execution of services as well as publicity and others. We are taking our time in order not to be found guilty of the problems we are advocating against. So finally, the 20th of July, 2015 has been set for the official launching date of Niiyo E-commerce Limited.
Interviewer: my next question centers on the strength of which is just a start-up company. What makes you think Niiyo E-commerce Limited stands a chance against its competitors in the industry despite the head-start advantage they have?

Mr Samson Ojei: That is really good question I must confess. Permit to say it is not a herculean task. I believe wherever there is a will, there is a way. That is my philosophy of life. It is all about channeling our energy into the right direction.
Niiyo E-commerce Limited is built around certain values that will certainly make us stand out among out competitors in the market. We operate on customer-centered approach. This ideology has been highly incorporated in the training of our members of staff. This ranges from our customer care services, goods delivery, promotional incentives, quality of goods for sale and others. This at the long run will help secure the patronage of a wide range of customers in Lagos and across Nigeria as a whole.
We provide adequate technology and services to enable consumers, merchants and other participants to conduct commerce on our platforms. provides a better business environment for the benefit of both sellers and buyers to boost business growth. has heavy investments in e-commerce research programmes for the purposes of developing new techniques to help businesses grow and discover new opportunities. This is to encourage innovations to serve our clients better.
And also, is easily accessible on personal computers and all manners of internet-enabled mobile devices to ensure convenience in shopping from wherever you are. We are so strong on search engines. This will increase our outreach within our targeted customers.
We speak your local language of our clients. This goes a long way in addressing the issue of firm and client relationship in the E-commerce industry which has been neglected by big firms. The strong desire of every buyer is maximum utility over desired goods and services. At, we will rather incur a financial loss than lose a SINGLE customer no matter the level of patronage.
Interviewer: *Cutting in* Thanks sir, I think that is……….
Mr Samson Ojei:*Cuts in* Please permit me to elucidate this matter. 

Thanks so much, as I was saying, boasts of a huge wealth of experience in e-commerce with a strong impression in U.S.A and Dubai. has hugely invested in the recruiting and training of super-talented and energetic young workers to champion its business course in Nigeria.
We have instituted a wide coverage in Nigeria to ensure quick delivery STRICTLY within 24 to 48hrs of transaction regardless of your location. deals with commodities of international standards due to its affiliations across Nigerian borders at highly subsidized rates for the good of all classes of people in the society.

The list is virtually endless but we will like to put a halt here.
Interviewer: Thanks so much Sir for the long list of strengths. They are really insightful.
Mr Samson Ojei: You are welcome sir. It has been a great pleasure granting this interview.
Interviewer: We hope you grant us audience the next time we come around?
Mr Samson Ojei: Most certainly sir.

Interviewer:Are there any parting words you will like to share with the public?
Mr Samson Ojei: I urge all anticipating clients to patronize us with fear of disappointment. Your interests are our concern at Niiyo. They should also keep tabs on us through our website,, our Facebook page; and twitter which is @Niiyomall for the dissemination of information.
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