The diabolic dimension of internet scam in Nigeria (YAHOO PLUS)

The constitution doesn't give recognition to the concept of voodoo in the enforcement of the law. This is simply as a result of the western influence of our constitution in Nigeria. In most developed countries, voodoo is welcomed with utmost disbelief. Professor O.B.C Nwolise, a lecturer at the Political science department of the University of Ibadan has a similar work on this. O.B.C Nwolise at his inaugural lecture advocated on the approval of the African voodoo as a course of study in Nigerian schools. This he termed Scientific Spiritual Intelligence (S.S.I). Issues of faith cannot stand intellectual and empirical tests but they are real. The concept of African voodoo whether believed to be existent or non-existent has been exploited by internet fraudsters popularly known as 'Yahoo Bois' to pave way for success.

Anyone with a contrary view to this must have simply woken up on the wrong side of his bed. Another session of sleep is hereby recommended to create a balance in the individual's brain process. It will amaze my readers that most internet scammers lack the proper education and technical know-how to pull the stunts they are known for online. 70% of them are either failing students in higher institutions playing truancy or maybe ghost students. Some of them can't even construct a simple correct English sentence. Yet they have the ability to impersonate the president of any country or any business mogul successfully if the situation warrants it. Yes, it is accepted that they work with valid documents to con their victims. They are a hidden extra to their scam gimmicks online which is to jinx the victim commonly known as ‘maga’. The relationship is converted into a master and slave concept. The maga is blindfolded with a spiritual power that causes him or her to overlook the loopholes of the scam project. He begins to send money endlessly to his own detriment. I have heard a case of a Canadian man living in Quebec. He emptied his bank account in the course of sending money uncontrollably to a young man posing as an American lady living in Osun state, Nigeria. He proceeded to obtain a loan from the bank which he invested in the scam direction. He moved to sell his properties gradually and lastly he sold something that swept me off my feet. Guess what that is, he sold his only bed and started sleeping on the bare floor. If you think voodoo isn't real, then imagine your lover putting you in that condition. This is someone you have no physical connection to. This is just a common unrealistic imaginary picture in your head. Taking a clue from the top cases of internet fraud in which an American or European victim wires a sum of over $100,000 to a faceless individual on the internet leaves a critical thinker in a state of limbo. It gets so bad that the victim begins to sell his hard earned belongings like jewelries, cars, house just to attend to some cheap financial lies of the scammer. The scammer at the receiving end becomes an emerging celebrity in his locality. He buys a nice SUV with a factory fitted air-conditioner that never goes off while he is on the move. He gets some bleaching ladies to while away time with. You only find him at luxury spots, popping the best of wines. Imagine someone buying a luxury wine as expensive as Ace of Space and pouring it on the floor at a club to mark his birthday; that’s madness. Nobody with a legitimate job does that. The truth is there is more to what the eyes can see. A strong study has revealed that scammers who don’t indulge in fetish activities hardly make it from internet fraud. The highest amount they make out of a victim ranges from $800 to maybe highest $3000 after you must have chatted your life out with him or her. You spend late nights convincing the victim through lengthy emails and chats. You spend enormous amounts of money on lengthy international calls and documents forgery to prove you are real. Towards the success of this process, he heads to the Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram only to be orientated by one the officials that it’s a scam. That moment your golden fish is off the hook. That will be a huge heartbreak for the scammer. Internet scam may appear easy when you see the actors flaunting their proceeds but it’s an act that could maim your psyche due to the psychological stress involved. 

Some scammers work day in day out to build a relationship with a super-rich individual who only parts with just a minute amount like $300 in just a year due to his doubts about the real identity of his partner. He does that to opt for a less hurting option literally to compensate the scammer for the time spent. This is not the amount of money hoped for, this is not the kind of money that will fulfill the dreams and aspirations of a fraudster who intends to live like rockstar. He wants to drive fast cars, lodge in fancy hotels, sleep with some hot models with spotless skins that the heat of the sun has never touched, buy out the drinks in a bar, throw parties every day, shop everyday on articles of ostentation like Floyd Mayweather and so on. To actualize his dreams, he goes for the missing 'extra'. The propeller, the spiritual driving force that makes the victim obedient to him alone. Even when the FBI gets hold of him and tender evidences that he is being scammed, their words fall on deaf ears. Even when he is banned from wiring money through the Western Union or Moneygram in one state, he travels to another state to effect the transfer. Some could even travel to another country to secure the transfer or probably use an international bank transfer to effect the transaction. Then you ask yourself, what is the motivation of this person? Why go through all these pains investing in a business that is not viable online, dealing with partners you can't see. It is worth the risk? Isn't it crazy loving a woman that has failed to appear on a webcam? Loving someone in another continent without any hope of being with her. Loving someone you only read from but never hear from on phone. The simple truth is the potency of that spiritual 'extra' known as 'Yahoo Plus'. Nigerian youths go to any length to acquire diabolical powers for fast money. It is a speedy way of making your victim speak your language rather than sending you peanuts. We have heard cases of some Nigerian youths visiting some white garment churches to obtain charms to boost good luck in the form of holy water, odd colours of candles, olive oil and herbal soaps they never share with a living soul. Some visit native doctors who give them a spiritual tortoise which they keep in close proximity in the course of any financial negotiation with their victims who they refer to as 'clients'. Some have incisions on the fingers for typing; others have under their lower lip for the purpose of commanding the obedience of victims of the phone. Some are so potent that the victim could commit suicide if you so desire. Some scam artists acquire powers from river bodies, we have also had cases of scammers sleeping at the cemetery for days for a diabolical effect. There has been a trend of using human body parts. Some native doctors go as far as pounding the head of a new born baby to make a concussion for the scam artist for the purpose of spiritual empowerment. We have also had cases of fetish internet fraudsters tying their fate to their girlfriend. The innocent lady becomes the source of his power and luck as a scammer. In return the boyfriend must always grant her wishes and make her happy. No matter how far the boyfriends travels in the world of sex with other ladies, he will NEVER dump his lover not out of love but diabolic reasons. What about the case of fetish fraudsters who buys alcohol outrageously at the bar to spiritually siphon the good luck/ impending success of any beneficiary? This is highly effective because most Nigerian drinkers love it free. We have also heard about the nefarious activities of students of Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso. Oyo state. They siphon the goodies in ladies diabolically by sleeping with them without a condom and cleaning their privates with a white handkerchief which is returned as a feedback to the native doctor for spiritual task completion and sacrifice. The lady either falls sick and dies or probably develops and unprecedented urge for sex. The scam artist grows in affluence the more she sleeps with guys who get afflicted with spiritual problems unconsciously. Some siphon the goodies of ladies by merely shaking them or making them sit at the front seat with them. This diabolic act is in many countless directions. Hence, the reason why people say it is synonymous to blood money. This is the dirty and unspeakable directions taken by Nigerian youths who appear too good to be true in public with massive dirt under their beds. If you are an admirer of the trendy life of internet fraudsters, then brace up to dine with the devil with the long spoon. Don't be deceived of having a clean slate. Things are deeper than the way they appear.

There are consequences too. A times it’s a life payment. We have heard of cases of fetish internet fraudsters dying mysteriously from sleep. What about that Lagos rich young man that parked his expensive range-rover sport SUV at Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos and went totally mad. Some even die mysteriously in ghastly motor accidents with innocent friends who blindly join to share the spoils with them e.g. the case of the Lead city University students who died while changing night-clubs at odd hours. This is a significance of the ultimate payment when buying at the altar of the devil.

I feel for those that have been scammed of their hard earned financial resources. I weep for those currently caught in the web of internet scam. The truth is you are virtually blind when you start paying until you are hit below the belt or crippled financially for life. Some heartless scammers will leave a chance for a return at your recovery. My major concern is those that are about to be defrauded. I hope you get my article and pull out of that hopeless fantasy of a huge illicit bank transfer, a fraud check sent from Africa or their partners close to your country. A lonely model waiting for you in a rejected part of the world. I hope my article revives your consciousness and bring you back to your senses.

I wish I could criticize the internet fraudsters. Although there is no justification for being an outlaw but these people are products of a bad society pioneered by some political robbers called our leaders who steal from the state treasury at will. It’s on record that over 80% of Nigerian leaders or past leaders who are supposed to be role models to the younger generation have one or two financial crimes to answer with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Due to the high rate of corruption, they walk around freely untouched. Since there are no jobs, youths choose diverse means for survival as some sort of adaptation as we all studied in sociology and anthropology.

Thanks for reading thus far. The truth must be told. I am the village town crier, Osayimwen Osahon George.
Senior online Editor,
Jetheights Services Limited.
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