Oshiomhole's wedding saga: We are all hypocrites

First of all, I will like to congratulate Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole on his successful marriage ceremony to the angelic and much-talked about beauty queen, Lara Fortes. I try as much as possible to learn from every occurrence I experience or read about. I try to put myself in the victim's shoes and reason along with him or her. The question is if I would have made a difference being in that position. One day we will realize that we are all hypocrites in this world. The social media has gone agog with Edo state Governor Aliyu Adams Oshiomhole's decision to get married to Lara Fortes from Cape Verde who is in her early 30s. Every faceless social media user including some celebrities who have never been clean in their dealings their entire lives have boldly mocked him. This goes a long way in telling me that the world is such a selfish place where nobody really cares about your pains and your lonely nights. All they care about is perfection.
Comedian Wale Gates' comments on Gov Adams Oshiomohle show the peak of loopholes in every man's brains especially the voyeurs. Some people will ignore the fire on their roofs and rush to quench the burning candle of their neighbours. After this, they will go as far as offering a professional advice when nobody made them consultants. I met Governor Adams Oshiomohle in 2011 after the post election crisis in Bauchi state during which corpers were killed. I am part of the lucky survivors of the mishap. Governor Adams Oshiomhole made transport provisions with official Edo state buses which could pass for a BRT to convey Edo state corpers in Bauchi state down to his mother’s house.

On getting to his mother's house where he stayed during the election, I saw posters of his late wife at every corner of the big building. Oshiomhole’s late wife, Clara died on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at the Abuja Clinic, Maitama, after a protracted battle with breast cancer. She was aged 54. High quality banners were flying at top places like she just died a day before we came. I asked around to confirm things and I was told that that was his wife whom he loved so much. That same year I was already expecting him to get married again. Men no matter how strong always have this level of weakness in them which they need women to cover up for. A man can always be the head of the house but the head also needs the woman to be the backbone of the family. Without the support of the backbone, the body is lame. I have seen the chemistry between my mom and my dad; it really amazes me. I wonder if they can ever do without each other. The comrade governor honoured his late wife for so long. He was without a wife for good 5 years when he is in the possession of resources to secure 10 women on the same day. In the course of these lonely times, nobody paid attention to his love life. Nobody really cared about how he faired with his sexual urge as a man. We all assumed he would certainly be sleeping with one unknown girl or woman. Nobody gave a damn about how he returned to a crowded but lonely home after a disappointing day at the office being the Governor of a state.

There comes a moment in a man's life when he just wants to pour out his heart to a woman who knows him in and out. I am not talking about the WOE-unto MAN we have today on the social media or social functions enticing us with body-revealing clothes. This woman no doubt was the other half of this great man. He confirmed it at the church thanksgiving ceremony in Benin City where he urged people to pray for him that things have difficult. He said his late wife is simply irreplaceable. He further recounted that he met her when he had no house, cars or any decent belongings and she married him because she believed in his potentials. He claimed he married the young Lara Fortes because life has got to continue. That speech touched the marrows of my bones. I felt the pains and weakness of a very strong leader, a true agent of change. The age and beauty of his new bride Lara Fortes compared to that of the Governor's looks with his age is a deep contrast. It attracted so much attention but that is his personal life. He is a public figure but his personal life should be kept personal and private. When you work for your money, you are free to use it in any way you deem suitable because it is YOUR money. People make money and buy cars that eyes haven't seen; they make money and shut down big club houses in Lagos even when they have no back-ups. Some make money and re-invest in businesses. That's how crazy life is. No law enforcement agent could harass you for putting your money where your heart is.

Retracing my steps, Governor Adams Oshiomohle simply followed the taste people never believed he had. He went for something exotic. He went for the dream of every randy man and they almost put up a revolt. It hurts that there is no quality control on the social media, so several bloggers or average users just log with from their smart phones and other devices under the influence of alcohol, envy, life frustration or any other factor and publish the worst view from his myopic mind. We should ask the acclaimed life coach called Wale Gates if he doesn't desire a hot woman like Lara Fortes? If he has he purchasing power, he will surely do the same and exaggerate it on Instagram like other Nigerian celebrities. They upload images of cars, big houses, wads of Naira notes but when music producer OJB Jezreel had kidney issues, they went into hiding. That is the world of hypocrisy that we live in.

In conclusion, I want to end this like a true Nigeria. "Dem nor use any fat, ugly and big belle woman swear for anybody as wife. All na condition wey make crayfish bend" We all have the images of our dream women in our heads but the resources to get them are limited. This goes with the saying that ''where the desirable is unavailable, then the available becomes the desirable''. Be real, shun hypocrisy. Face your own unique life problems. Yes Oshiomohle married her and he is like her father. What about you? When will you marry? Have you even eaten today? Then why are you hating? Lool

Osayimwen Osahon George speaks!

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