My Identity As The Village Town Crier

The name of this page appears hilarious, a lot of people laughed about it and when it dropped on my BlackBerry Messenger status, people on my list were curious to check because of the blog name. That was quite intentional and strategic, so it worked. My decision to create this blog was borne out of a strong desire for me to have my own voice in the society. Although it is starting on a small platform but it is just a developmental stage. I have always wanted to be different. I hate bandwagoning or let me say doing the usual. This is not your average news page that steals intellectual properties of others. Blogging has been compromised with lack of creativity. Thousands of bloggers feed on themselves. A research has shown that 80% of the news articles online are the same.
They all circulate under different blog pages and websites. The only notable differences are the captions and featured images but the same contents word for word. The VillageTownCrier is an aberration to the norm. The page is based on my own personal knowledge, research, thoughts and in general level of creativity. I am not criticizing any blog or website but I am just laying emphasis on my stand.

The Nigerian society is sick and the sickness is quite obvious politically. The blog hopes to be the voice that advocates for a serum to cure the long term sickness of our dear country with intellectual analysis of stringent issues after a concrete research. That is the direction. That is the dream. That is the final destination. The issues of life and experiences being discussed is just a way of showing that after work, one deserves rest. Life doesn't deserve 100% serious. We should create time to laugh to good jokes too.

I appreciate every reader who has encouraged me with their comments and views. I will never relent till we get to the summit. God bless you all.
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About Osahon

I'm a journalist and a Political Scientist undergoing a doctoral programme focused on media, democracy and governance in Africa. My mission is to uphold the role of the media as the 'fourth estate of the realm' and also tell the Nigerian Story to the world. You can contact me on Phone number: +2347053302356.
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