Money rules over man but can we call money a king?

Will she call you honey without money?

The above has a rap rhythm but certainly the intention of the writer is far from that. Firstly, I will like to remind my readers of my major purpose of opening this blog page. My primary goal has always been to create my own voice and share my views about life. Most issues sound crazy to me. I don't want to die with my thoughts. I want them to go public to an extent for the purpose of getting feed-backs and seeing if I am the only one left in this world with this direction of reasoning. To a very large extent, my articles have gone far and wide. A lot of people have subscribed to my views. This is an indication that I am not alone. Personally I am a shy person, it takes time before I get used to people. So I feel more comfortable talking less and writing more. Welcome to my world. This is my brand, the village town crier, paid handsomely nothing to make noise and force information into the ears of people.

Money they say makes the world go round like a propeller. Money rules over the world with no crown on its head. Money controls the affairs of men without the leadership staff. Men have become activists fighting for money like money is being cheated. Money painfully determines the importance of people in virtually every society. Talking from the Nigerian perspective, I think this issue is more paramount here. Loyalty seems to be for sale. There are some social gatherings where the poor or middle-class individuals are not allowed to voice their views because of their pocket status. In every group you join, you realize that the affairs are runned by a wealthy few. Even when you have a poor man on top, a vivid check on him will reveal that he is just a representative of the views of an influential few or probably called a tool in the hands of the rich.
Poor men are known to paint an image of destinations that are feasible to reach if only they could afford the transport fare. An average poor man is full of ideas. Subjectively, let's assume the menace of lack prompts everyone to think deep about a hidden escape tunnel while the affluent are either too lazy to think that deep or too busy. Poor men will always have beautiful ideas but the problem is the execution of them which is the essence of having ideas or else they will die no matter how feasible they are. I have heard of major meetings being cancelled because of the absence of just one man who is the financier. Wealthy people are known to talk less and probably act more. Even in the church today where equality is widely preached, discrimination on the basis of pocket size has crept into the system. The pastor or religious leader gives more attention to that church member with the biggest tithes and offerings or any other financial contributions. They are the ones with the liberty to call the pastors at odd hours of the night for prayers after having nightmares. A poor church member may not enjoy their privilege. He could be penalized for disrupting the pastor's quiet time even when the quiet time was indeed a sleeping time rather than a praying time which it is.
I have been to a church where a pastor maybe unconsciously relates majorly with the affluent. He is rich too. I don't blame him. The rich are always scared of the poor because of the poor's endless list of problems. The poor will never stop coming for assistance. That is certain. They are always in the habit of milking from one loose point.

The quality of testimonies in the church between that of the wealthy class and the less privileged is worth one's attention. The rich man mounts the podium in the church confidently in simple but befitting clothing. His speech is always short, calculated and interesting. He thanks God briefly for the success of a recently concluded business transaction in Dubai with his new partners. Talks about the turbulent time he had negotiating with some white partners in Geneva, Switzerland, New York, U.S.A, London, United Kingdom. He makes reference to saying a few prayers down the elevator and probably fasting for a short length. How the partners pulled out and then called him when he was about checking out of his 5 star hotel that his proposal of a multi-million dollar contract was accepted. And finally he announces his new SUV acquisition. This receives a massive ovation from the church. All the poor members scream with the faith of tapping into his blessings. Yes it works for some people if you have the belief. This kind of testimony could make the wife of a poor man take a second look at him with imploring eyes. The testimony of a poor man is different; always very long and unplanned, with no direction whatsoever. The accent alone weighs down the morale of the audience. He shouts 'Praise the Lord' severally to lift up the mood of people and get their full attention. He talks about having a sick daughter, and how he had no penny on him to give her proper medical attention. He makes reference to being turned down by people in his neighborhood. How he called the Pastor but he couldn't turn up and probably sent his prayers. And as he was about giving up, a stray bank transfer came from a source he is yet to trace and he used his to fund the medical care for his sick daughter. This is narrated like a movie script. Half way into it, some church members would have been lost fiddling with their mobile phones. Some will probably be checking Facebook, Twitter or even reading old text messages to while away the boring speech. As it ends, they all scream and shout in appreciation of his testimony. In this case, the intention is different. They do so just to encourage him and give him the confidence to walk off the podium. This may sound funny but it is real. I apologize for making reference to the church here but I am just trying to share an experience. It will be unfair to talk on unfounded reports on hearsays.

Money buys the loyalty of people. Everyone must have heard of Nigerian ladies searching for 'Mr Right' in a country that can boast of millions of men of marriageable age. These ladies go as far as going so spiritual in the search for a future partner. Some fast for days and attend vigils while some fetish ones offer sacrifices to some faceless idols. A study of them amazes me, this search shouldn't be like the Gulder Ultimate search reality show when in the real sense no man is indeed missing. Men have always been around with willing hearts but something makes them the Mr Wrong or let me say the undesired choice. This is obviously the absence of money. This has plunged several ladies into lifetime mistakes. It is pitiful to see some so-called career ladies desperately looking for the right partner at age 39 because they all want a Jay-Z when they don't look like a Beyonce. We all believe we deserve the best of all. The real image of an 18-year old girl's dream man doesn't exist but as she grows she begins to face reality. This issue of gold-digging Mr. Right search accounts for the reason why the not-too-beautiful ladies get married every weekend while the beautiful ones wait till a late age for Aliko Dangote's or Femi Otedola's son. The naked truth is that these people are not ready for marriage too, they are probably enjoying some threesome s*x with some hot Latina ladies on the Caribbean. It’s a crazy world. The idea of Mr. Right is simply that young, handsome man, mostly tall with six pacs (for the ladies in their 20's even when their own tummy portrays false pregnancies), has at least 2 exotic cars, works SMART (hard work is for the labourers), can boast of a trendy movie class apartment and probably has a flair for visiting those luxury spot she only sees when she passes by in a taxi or a bike lol. It’s quite hilarious. At times I wonder if they read newspapers to ascertain the over 70% youth unemployment in Nigeria and the 62% poverty rate. An idea of such a man is almost a mirage in this current time.
Out of desperation, some prefer to act as s*x slaves to celebrities that will abuse them on bed under the influence of drugs and alcohol and then head to the studio to make a song out of that. I have heard Wizkid severally doing that. This is really sad. I have seen young and beautiful ladies accepting to be 4th wives of a billionaire who is close to his grave. This someone that probably shares the same age range with her dad. A man that can't even try a second round of lovemaking while the lady's libido is left as high as mountain Everest. The resultant effect is cheating with the nearest available and unsuspectable option like Mr Okon the houseboy from Calabar or Mr Yahaya, the gateman from Abubakar Shekau's local government in Borno state looool A money-grabbing lady once asked me why I wasn't into internet scam. My phone almost dropped. Some born again ladies will date a super-rich guy that never leaves the house for work, no company or business engagement so far. All you see is a laptop and a modem/router. You ask him the obvious about his occupation for the record, obviously he expectedly lies to you and you play along in belief because the money is sweet. Please remember God looks at the heart and not your crocodile tears during the worship services in church.

Have you ever sat down to ponder on why our showbiz industry actors especially Nollywood actresses flaunt their bodies in skimpy clothes? If you are nursing the belief that they are interpreting their roles majorly then probably you need to check the water you think for any alcoholic content. The politicians and business moguls are the targets. They have become human commodities with price tags been showcased in the showroom or shelves in the form of movies. A close relationship with the Personal Assistants of these eminent personalities will reveal a lot of dirty occurrences to you.

The only reason why a Yoruba girl's family will reject an Igbo man or vice versa is when the price is not right. I really apologize for offending anybody from these tribes but it is the truth. A yoruba girl will embrace you with tribalism when it comes to marriage when your bank account is as slim as Denrele Edun or Wiz Khalifa. Your appearance would make the family boil with annoyance and rejection. If you doubt me, do you personal research. Fake an oil company job, get the latest SUV, a class suit and head to her family house to break the news. If they reject you, I will leave Nigeria for South Africa to face xenophobia. I swear they will begin to speak your native language. That the time her dad will dig into his history books to appreciate the achievement of people from your tribe.

I have really said so much and I want to close it up here. The efficacy of money is too high. It is out of bitterness that I write this piece. The ruling class is sweet, I admire them. I know their location but I lack the transport fare to join them. No matter how bad we debate this issue, the solution lies in us making our own money too.  Life is short, let's enjoy it and make it meaningful while we live. Thanks for joining me on this one. I remain Osayimwen Osahon George, your village town crier.
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