LIFE CHALLENGES: Can things ever remain the same?

This is a question you will always ask yourself after a major setback on your expectations. Have you ever embarked on a project for months or years, working day in day out for the success of it only for you to watch it all crash in just a day before your very eyes after the assurance of a huge success? Life is full of challenges. Life is very painful and dramatic. Only God understands life. Life coaches will only talk on their personal experiences that are not applicable to everyone. We only have a few answers but life questions are endless. Even when we choose the appropriate answer, it’s still inadequate. The mental expectations alone make you feel like a happy fool. It gives you a feeling that life played you. It hurts when you have the capability and willingness to effect a change but in the real sense you are incapacitated by societal challenges.

What is that thing in your life that you missed? Life is so unfair, what one party has in abundance is what another party is dying to have. Life is like a dance festival of the same drum, different beats and different dance steps. We face our own peculiar challenges. Are you of a marriageable age with the right man missing? Probably you got into a relationship with one promising young man that appears to mean the whole world to you with some angelic soft touches, foresight and high level of maturity. You give your all to him even to your own detriment only to realize at the eleventh hour that you both are not on the same page. You have a futuristic view while he is only interested in the momentary gains. He promises you the future just to get the best of you. You feel robbed. Everything makes no sense to you in life. Instantly that feeling of loneliness and coldness hits you. As human beings, we are fond of moving on. You decide to let go of the past and decide to rebuild again. One question keeps popping on your mind. Will things ever be the same again? What's the assurance that your experience with your 'ex' will not affect your 'next'? You ask yourself if that idea of the perfect man you paint while laying on your bed to sleep at night will ever come to reality. I wish I had answers to your questions sweetheart but I am also battling with my life examinations with a limited time to go.

What about that person that lost someone special to the cold hands of death? Who did you lose? A lover, a father, mother, friend or any other loved one? It’s hard to console such a person. Its a damage that almost cannot be healed. Only time can heal such a wound. You sit back and the sweet memories of the past torture your brains. The bitter truth is that such a time can NEVER be reversed. It was a phase that can never be rewinded even if we manually turn back the hands of time. I wish I could answer your life question but I urge you to let go of what is impossible to change and hope for a better future. That is the only way he/she in heaven can be smiling down back at you with pride courtesy of your level of personal development and achievements.

What about those battling with one terminal ailment, fatal accident or the other? I feel uncontrollably weak when I see sick people who are being weighed down physically and psychologically on their sick beds. I always try to imagine the thoughts going through their heads as they get mixed reports of hope and otherwise from the doctors. They sit back to ruminate on what their lives had been before the health deterioration, their activities, achievements as well as plans for the future. The question is if they can still be that person again?

I had a brief spell of loneliness when I contacted chicken pox from a friend. That's a moment I can never forget in my entire life. In no time I had a full blown chicken pox with irritating spots on my skin. I was contagious, so I had to be isolated. For close to 2weeks I was always alone. I saw my beautiful skin get tarnished before my very eyes. I rolled from one edge to the other on bed with discomfort. Only a few friends felt my pains, life is lonely, I was as if I was dying and some friends that claim to be dear friends never bothered about my absence. Even the lady I was dating never knew. It was that bad. While on bed all day and during sleepless nights, I had a deep reflection on my life from the very age of life consciousness I could recollect. My recovery changed my orientation of life.

What are you battling with? Is it cancer, Ebola, Hiv/Aids or any new epidemic? I wish I could bring instant healing words to you. My prayer is that the Lord will visit you as he intervened in the case of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the burning furnace set by King Nebucadnezzar, he will turn around your predicament to a victorious tournament as he shut the mouths of lions against Daniel in the den. He will come for you as he sent his angel to rescue Paul who walked through the locked gates of the prison with the angel holding his hands. I believe in miracles. I believe there is a good Lord up there with thoughts of God towards us and not of evil.

What about those believing God for the fruit of the womb? You hear stories about abortion with an ever increasing percentage and then burst into tears. A lot of young folks don't recognize the gift God is giving to them. You spend hours on medical examination at the hospital with your doctor concluding that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He increases your medication and other procedural processes of ensuring pregnancy. Your question is if you will ever see the light in your lifetime? I don't know how you are but I want you to draw inspiration and strength from the Sarah the wife of Abraham. She never believed she was going to conceive Isaac at her age. What about the mother of Samuel the great prophet in the bible as well as others. People have walked that road victoriously and your own case will not be an exception. All I need you to do is have faith.

For the youths, have u ever gotten close to a big and life changing job opportunity in your life? You see this as a great avenue to prove to all those that looked down on you and called you a failure that you are an overcomer. You see this as an avenue to liberate your family from the shackles of poverty. You pass the aptitude test stage in flying colours, you pass your medicals, you proceed to your physical fitness test and also shine in bright colours. Finally you get to the interview stage and end it gallantly. A pre-celebration storms your heart. You sit down and start mapping out what your future would look like. The thought of marriage strikes your heart which is the concrete step every man must take in life no matter when. Days roll by to make weeks and weeks roll by to make months. After close to three months of dreams and aspiration, the recruitment list comes out and your name is nowhere to be found. You share the bad news with your already excited family. You see yourself back at the painful former financial state you were eager to leave. All you can do is sit down and nurse the fresh wounds. This is a true life experience. Life becomes hell. If you are in these shoes, never give up. Underemployment is part of the stages of being gainfully employed. God sees all your pains. As long as you keep trusting in him, he will reserve the milk and honey of the land for you. You will flourish like the plant growing by the river side like the bible said.

I wish I could touch other categories too but this article will certainly become endless. This is how far my spirit has led me. Thanks for exploring my world. God bless you.

Osayimwen Osahon George
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