An unforgettable craziest moment of my life

I have a couple of moments in my more than 25 years in this world. One of them was the miraculous way I passed my WAEC in flying colours despite the massive failure then in 2014. Aside this, there is one moment I wish I could turn back the hands of time to face again if given the chance. It was so dramatic. Probably one day I could make a movie out of it.
I became active on Facebook in the year 2010, I mean very active in the sense of an addiction. Then I was in my final year in Obafemi Awolowo University during my first degree days. I met this cute girl on Facebook, a student of Unilag living in Lagos. Then Facebook still had a lot of good people unlike now that the 'runs girls' realized the advantage in expanding the scope of their businesses online. We got talking extensively.
At that time, I was using a pathetic phone model named Nokia 3110c. I used to come online mostly with opera mini cheat codes of several networks. It was really fun. The girl and I got chatting frequently day by day. There were no concrete data plans then so she used to browse with her credit which was highly exorbitant.

I never bothered to demand for her phone number because I wasn't interested in incurring any communication costs.  That's a broke guy's mentality and I accept lol. She thought I was well to do due to my long stay online. I didn’t reveal to her the secret behind my prolonged online presence. We became really cool friends, touching several aspects of our lives in gist and I jokingly asked her out. She was on the fence concerning that but we both laughed over the issue. On one fateful day, I asked for her phone number which she made available to me. When I called and heard that sonorous voice of hers, I knew she wasn't my usual Ibadan girls because I reside in Ibadan. The voice was different. She said she was in a market place and promised to ring me back. I never believed. You know our girls use the word 'call' interchangeable with the word 'flash'. To my greatest surprise she later called. She called my glo line with an airtel line. She was so calm in her talk that I started feeling uncomfortable due to the perceived cost of the call. I rushed the call and virtually ended it for her. She found that approach so strange. You wouldn't blame me. I was conserving her credit for her when she had more than a enough. Things kicked off from there till I visited my friend at Olodi Apapa, Lagos. Part of the plan was to see her.
I have this usual style of looking good with no cash in my pocket. It could be very deceitful. We met at Olodi Apapa, I was forced to usher her into one eatery named Tetrazini because I needed a cozy spot where we could talk. She was quite chubby with a massive behind like OAP Toolz Oniru. I couldn't afford much; my coming to Lagos was without the knowledge of my parents, so there was no financial support. I bought two bottles of coke and two meat pies. We got talking. I was taking the refreshments bit by bit to sustain the talk. In less than an hour, we were done eating. To my greatest surprise, she decided to take over the date. She stood up and bought two plates of spaghetti, chicken with water for both of us. This was a rare benevolence. That chicken lap was almost the size of a baseball bat lol. Just joking anyway. We got eating and the chat was intensified. She told me point blank that I was looking expensive. She commended my red La Coste sneakers, my jeans trousers and my black shirt. I was feeling high. She couldn't stop staring at me and kept smiling.

We both finished the meal that was quite heavenly. As we prepared to go, she decided to visit the restroom for the purpose of making up. When she got there, she called me after a minute. I thought she was in danger, I decided to be a superman so I rushed to join her. On getting there, I found out that she was okay. I was still curious about the reason why she summoned me. I was stunned when she asked if she could kiss me. Ajebuter girls get madness sha. This is a girl that is yet to agree to date me. If I hear say I talk no. Immediately I nodded in acceptance, she charged at me. I have never seen a girl with such an urge to kiss. She held onto me like her life depended on me. It was what I wanted too. I love adventures; I love crazy and daring people. I played along. It was fun. We went to the inner part of the restroom. One thing led to another and we made out. It happened unprotected. Immediately my fuel entered the reservoir, we both came back to our senses. She started regretting it while I got this bossy feeling. She was scared of STDs as well as pregnancy. I got postinor 2 for her immediately. She was really terrified like I jinxed her. I pacified her and that moment marked a turning point in our relationship. I never believed my eyes. It was like a mirage. I have seen some crazy admirers all my life but her zeal was unique. Painfully that was the last time I saw her. I wish our paths will cross again before I get married. She was indeed angelic. My story ends here. Thanks for following.

Osayimwen Osahon George
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I'm a journalist and a Political Scientist undergoing a doctoral programme focused on media, democracy and governance in Africa. My mission is to uphold the role of the media as the 'fourth estate of the realm' and also tell the Nigerian Story to the world. You can contact me on Phone number: +2347053302356.
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