Nigerians in the UK gallantly march out to support Buhari

The following photos were taken at a recently concluded All Progressive Congress political forum/rally in the United Kingdom. It is indeed amazing to see the efforts of the leadership of the APC in extending their campaign across national boundaries and the resilient nature/contributions of Nigerians in diaspora is a new trend in Nigerian politics.

In the past, people outside the shores of the country are mostly disinterested in the affairs except it directly affects their family interests. This apathy has also been nursed by citizens in Nigeria who have over the years developed the notion that they don’t have a say in the affairs of their country. So this discourages them from voting. But the forthcoming 2015 general elections has taken a new turn with Nigerians at home and in diaspora contributing in one way or the other to the support and progress of their choice of leader.

The social media has played a vital role in the dissemination of information and believe me the anxiety of reading hot news from newspapers early in the morning has been eroded by the competent and energetic efforts of bloggers who serve fresh and live news. Although this most times could be so unprofessional and overemphasized but in a beneficial way has served a definite purpose. This same social media played a huge role in the Arab Spring and today the same effect is telling on Nigeria. Now a lot of political scientists like me are waiting earnestly for a conclusion on an ongoing research to ascertain if the influential social media will play a role in deciding who wins the presidential elections. Both the People’s Democratic Party and All Progressive Congress have hijacked the facilities to campaign but I feel APC has exploited the social media values more. I hope to address this more vividly after the general elections if time permits me to.

Now back to the essence of this post, I salute the leadership of APC for taking time to convince The Economist in the United Kingdom that General Muhammadu Buhari isn’t a dictator as it has widely been reported. A lot of people are raising eyebrows at the Chatham House speech but I am saying categorically that it was appropriate. It is a futuristic plan and it takes a real political scientist with an eye for research and investigation to ascertain the rationale behind the event organised by the APC. The international support successfully sought by Buhari will play a favourable role in the advent of an unfavourable election result at the end of the presidential polls. It will also give him a sense of security from oppression or attack from the ruling party. There was a stringent need for him to go fix his dented image. And also, the power of publicity of the British media can’t be underestimated.

This country believes in the strength of publicity. This makes the English Premier league, the UK educational and health system unique today. These facilities are heavily sought after by several people around the globe regardless of the exorbitant nature. So dear reader, if you have been puzzled by this event, I hope you will appreciate my answers which will manifest in the nearest future. I am not a prophet anyway.

My sincere wish is that Nigeria experiences the real CHANGE we are all clamouring for. CHANGE is all we need regardless of who you vote for. God bless Nigeria.

Osayimwen Osahon George

Online Editor

Jetheights Services Limited

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