EMOTIONAL: Letter To My Future Wife

Dear ma,
              I hope my letter meets you well? How has life been? I know you must have been wondering about the decade you will hear from me. Every day I sit down to think about how to address this letter to you but my brain fails me on the right address to use. So I have decided to address it blindly to nature hoping that you may get it on your way out for daily engagements. For years I have been living in a world of fantasies with crazy, exiting thoughts of who you are, what you look like, how tall you are, how you speak, what you do, your likes and dislikes, the beauty and organization of our wedding day, how we are going to live our lives, how our children will look like, how romantic you will be and many more.
This may sound so crazy, but a times it get to me that I grab a pencil and a paper and try to draw how you look with the intention of  hanging the image on my the wall of my room.
My heart is filled with so much expectations of when and how I will meet you. I see the image of you in several ladies I come across in life. I always wish one of them could turn out to be you but they all walk away leaving me in the cold without a jacket.

I have cried severally for love. It hurts to be misunderstood. Every day I pray for that woman that will understand the language of my heart. The more I search, the less I see. The farther I search, the farther you go away from me. My love life has been like a mirage to me. It is a puzzle I have found it hard to solve with the optimum performance of my intelligence. I must confess life has been unbecoming but I appreciate God so far for his blessings. You are the reason why I leave the comfort of my house so early in the morning and return so late in the evening just to carve a niche for myself in the society. You are the reason why I compete with everybody in my field in the quest to have a successful career in life. I want to make you happy as well as the three kids I plan to have with you. I swore to providence that I will certainly give you and our unborn children a life better than the one my ever loving and caring parents have given me. My career has faced huge challenges of late, a times I have almost been compelled to stay back at home and give up the struggle but something keeps telling me that I am close to you already. Most times I have a feeling you are watching me, I try to wear that big smile randomly for all ladies hoping to send a signal to you but most times nobody smiles back. My life feels so lonely with you, the thoughts of how smooth and rough edges in our marital life excites and intoxicates me. I wonder what your bad side will be but no matter what I promise to tolerate you. I promise to kiss your tears away and give you a worthy cause to live for. I am so weak to deal with life; I need you to be my backbone, giving me the necessary life support to battle the shackles of life. I need you to take that highly exalted spot I have given to my sister. I want you to be better than her to me. She is the best gift life gave to me. One day you will surely meet my future wife. I want you to be my best friend as well as mother. I want you to be my instructor and guardian; correcting me impartially like a stranger when I am wrong without fear or favour and holding me tightly in your heavenly arms when I am down. Life is not a bed of roses but I believe with the power of chemistry, our love will develop wings and fly above our limitations.

I have always expected life to be better than this. A lot of sorcerers told me you are far away from me and I need a visa to get to where you are. I am not rich baby; I work so hard for survival in life and painfully make a little income that isn't sufficient for me. I hope I will ever be rich enough to pay for my transportation cost to wherever you are. A times I pick up my phone with a desire to call you just to tell you to be patient with me and also hear your voice but I don't know the number to dial. This is the state of limbo I have found myself. If I ever get a chance to make a request from Providence, I will pray for a chance to meet you in advance for 5 minutes. My hope will be to get to know you entirely within that short time. People say I am funny, I hope my inferior jokes can force a slight smile on your face. People of the world will expect me to ask for silver, diamond, gold, money, fame and other sorts of riches but I will rather go for you because you are an embodiment of all the goodness of life. I know you are beautiful, I know you have a great smile. I can picture it and I think I like.

I wonder who your current lover is. Does he really love you? Is he making you happy? What fake promises has he been making to you? I hope he is not mismanaging all the assets heaven has allocated to me? This is so traumatizing to me. Dear wife, when men of the world break your heart, pls don't bulge. Don't keep the awful and hurting memories. They are just preparatory schools for your graduation to our wedding day. Always remember the saying that what doesn't kill you will certainly make you stronger. That is a vivid lesson life has taught me.

I just want to let you know you are not alone. I have had my own share of bad times too. I have granted audience to ladies of questionable characters that are not worth my time in the pursuit of happiness. I look at their hearts while they focus on my pocket. The only time they focus on my future is when they are optimistic about my monthly paid. I have sowed expensive seeds of love on rocky grounds. I have learned the very hard way. I have no regrets anyway, the terrible experience have equipped me with a better view of life. I have learned to make excuses for the bad ladies that came my may. The knowledge of you as my end point is the grand compensation I expect from life.

I go out every day with the best of my clothes, smelling nice with my cheap perfume hoping I will meet you. I wonder why I am so bent of impressing you even though you could be far away from me. No matter how far I travel round the world tasting from several bottles of wine, I will always return to you because you are my home. You are my resting place. I am like a bee while you are my nectar. I will always return to you for sweetness.

Dear future wife, thanks for reading thus far. I had a stressful day at work. I need to take a lengthy rest. I will find time to write you again. I just want to let you know I love you so much and you will always be in my heart till we meet again. Kisses

                                                                                                            Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                            Osayimwen Osahon George

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